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Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications. Jeremy Kees, Ph.D. Advertising. Some thoughts…. “I know I’m wasting half of my ad spend….I just don’t know which half.” We’re in a advertising/promotions world…full of clutter…and it’s a vicious cycle”. Overview of Advertising….

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Integrated Marketing Communications

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  1. Integrated Marketing Communications Jeremy Kees, Ph.D.

  2. Advertising

  3. Some thoughts… “I know I’m wasting half of my ad spend….I just don’t know which half.” We’re in a advertising/promotions world…full of clutter…and it’s a vicious cycle”

  4. Overview of Advertising… • Paid and non-personal communication through various media by business firms, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals who are identified in the advertising message and who hope to inform or persuade members of a particular audience

  5. Step 1: Setting Objectives • Inform • Persuade • Remind • Reinforce What is the goal? • Heinz? • Honda? Cog • Based on the PLC…

  6. Message Generation and Execution • Comparative Advertising • Pepsi

  7. Message Generation and Execution • Celebrity Testimonials • Risks??

  8. Message Generation and Execution • Interactive Advertising • Wrigley's

  9. Message Generation and Execution • Message Appeals… • Fear • Example 1 • Example 2 • Sex • Example 1 • Example • Humor • Example • Example 1 • Example 2 • Emotion Evoking (sadness and humor) • Example

  10. Media Selection • Just as important as the ad itself • Radio • Newspapers

  11. Media Selection • Magazines • Direct Mail • Outdoor • Human Billboards • http://www.tatad.com/

  12. Creative Development and Execution • Interactive Media • Television

  13. Legal and Social Issues • Common sense (e.g., don’t be false or misleading) • Not-so-common sense (e.g., reaching your target market—and ONLY your target market) • Cigarettes/Alcohol • Norelco and other risqué ads

  14. Legal and Social Issues • The value in being proactive in spending ad/promo $$ on tangential social issues • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) • An example… • Dove

  15. Sales Promotions • A collection of incentive tools, mostly short term, designed to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of particular products or services by consumers or the trade • Customer Oriented • Trade Oriented

  16. Why Sales Promotions? • Increased Promotional Sensitivity • Declining Brand Loyalty • Response to Competition (viscous cycle) • Brand Proliferation • Fragmentation of Markets • Pressures for Short-Term Performance • Increased Accountability • Advertising Inefficiency

  17. Consumer-Oriented Promotions • Coupons

  18. Consumer-Oriented Promotions • Refunds • Similar to Rebates • Samples • Bonus Packs • Premiums

  19. Consumer-Oriented Promotions • Contests • Sweepstakes

  20. Consumer-Oriented Promotions • Specialty Advertising • Peanut Chews Opening Night T-Shirt

  21. Consumer-Oriented Promotions • Event Marketing • Becoming part of a personally relevant moment in consumers’ lives • Sponsorships are perhaps the most prevalent/popular form of event marketing • Example: Bryant Park and the Simpsons • Free ice skating (skate rentals) • Ned Flanders' hot chocolate • Simpsons Sprinkalicious donuts • "Duff & D'oh!Nuts" ice cream • Empire State Building of shining “Simpsons” yellow

  22. Trade-Oriented Promotions • Trade Allowances • Point-of-Purchase Displays • Trade Shows • Dealer Incentives

  23. And finally… • Marketers’ response to the DVR / TiVo revaluation… • Product placement • Some examples • Apprentice / Survivor • The Office (1) • We now see it in… • Movies • TV programming • Video games

  24. Group Exercise • Is product placement a useful tool for marketers? • If so, under what circumstances • Are there any ethical considerations? • For instance, some countries not permit product placements in domestic made films.

  25. Marketing Public Relations (MPR) • The firm’s communications and relationships with its various publics • Includes a variety of programs to promote or protect a company’s image or individual products Corporate Ads – Boeing VSB

  26. MPR Functions • Building Marketplace Excitement • PS3 • Creating Advertising News • Super Bowl Ads • Substitute for Advertising • Providing Value-Added Customer Service • Butterball

  27. Advantages of MPR • Credibility • Cost • Avoidance of Clutter • Image Building

  28. Publicity …. nonpersonal stimulation of demand for a good, service, place, idea, person, or organization by unpaid placement of significant news regarding the product in a print or broadcast medium Sprint Fires Customers Really, a subset of the MPR effort.

  29. Advantages of Publicity • Credibility (even more than public relations) • News Value Disadvantages??

  30. Personal Selling …. interpersonal influence process involving a seller’s promotional presentation conducted on a person-to-person basis with the buyer • Oldest and most traditional form of “marketing” • Traditionally a negative stereotype (unfortunately) • Today, we see an emphasis on “relationship selling” • Emphasis on LTV of customers • Constant building/fostering of relationships

  31. Today’s Salesperson… • A highly-trained professional • Takes a customer-oriented approach in order to satisfy the long-term needs of both the customer and the selling firm • Problem solvers • Account managers • Know customers inside and out so that the company can adapt to customer needs

  32. Huge $$ Potential (if you’re good)

  33. The Sales Process

  34. Sales Force Decisions • Objectives • Strategy • Structure • Size • Compensation

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