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INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS. Chapter Twenty. Integrated Marketing Communications. Integrated Marketing Communications is the integrated areas of marketing, advertising, sales promotion, and public relations.

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  2. Integrated Marketing Communications • Integrated Marketing Communications is the integrated areas of marketing, advertising, sales promotion, and public relations. • There is a need for communications cross training as a basic requirement to function as a practitioner.

  3. What’s the Difference between Integrated Marketing and Marketing? • From the customer’s perspective, there is none. Historically, consumers began to question products, accountability issues, and social concerns. • The effectiveness of advertising was questioned. Marketers changed in response, seeing the potential for adding public relations to the mix.

  4. Product Publicity • Product publicity reaches potential customers by using less traditional forms and ways to raise awareness of products. • Product publicity can help: • Create an identity • Introduce a new product • Eliminate distribution problems

  5. Product Publicity can help: • Small budgets and strong competition • Explain a complicated product • Generate new consumer excitement for an old product • Tie the product to a unique representative

  6. Third Party Endorsement • Third Party Endorsement is the support given a product by a newspaper, magazine, or broadcaster who mentions the product as news. The value is that it appears more credible than advertising.

  7. Building a Brand • Building a brand is known today as branding. Branding is creating an identity or position for a company or product. • Using IMC techniques to establish a brand requires being: early and aggressive, using traditions, and creating a personality

  8. Public Relations Integrated Marketing Activities • Article reprints • Trade show participation • Spokespersons • Cause-related marketing • In-kind promotions

  9. Spokesperson

  10. Public Relations Advertising • Marketing an image rather than a product became known as institutional advertising, image advertising, public service advertising, or issues advertising, and ultimately public relations (non-product) advertising. • Image ads show social responsibility. • Issues ads advocate a position from the sponsor’s viewpoint.

  11. Purposes of Public Relations Advertising work in several activities:Mergers and diversificationsPersonnel changesOrganizational resources

  12. Purposes continued • Manufacturing and service capabilities • Growth industry • Financial strength and stability • Company customers • Organizational name change • Trademark protection • Corporate emergencies

  13. Promotional Tools • Infomercials • TV/Movie product placements

  14. Question • What recent shows or movies have you been to where you could identify product placements? • What were the products?

  15. Positives of IMC Tactics • You can generate more buzz about the product using IMC • Knowledge in all of the areas makes for a better and stronger mix • Building lasting relationships is the goal

  16. Volvo Captures Branding and Public Interest Volvo for Life Awards, a program that embodies Volvo values, quality, and the environment that is inspirational was held recently. Tactics started with a press conference unveiling people who characterize heroes. They launched a website (that was created, maintained, and validated heroes by the FBI) and conducted a national search. Nominations came from all over the U.S. They used celebrity heroes as judges, received coverage in 650 newspaper stories nationally and locally, on-going website traffic, national upcoming outlet coverage on the Oprah and Today Show. “You have the recipe for getting local coverage while at the same time promoting the brand attributes of Volvo.” stated Fred Haberman, Haberman and Associates. PR Week

  17. Exercise • Your firm is charged with opening a new city zoo in the Midwest, featuring prairie animals, for the opening. Keep in mind you are doing this in the wake of the monkey pox outbreak (due to diseased prairie dogs passing it to humans). Research shows you could expect 50% of your visitors from the city, 10% out-of-town tourists, and 40% children from local school groups. How would you use an integrated marketing approach? How would you handle branding? What media outlets would you grant exclusives to?

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