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Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications. Chapter 17. Unique promo identity, examples. Star Jones with Payless Shoe Source T-Mobile, Catherine Zeta Jones Michael J. Fox for Parkinson’s disease. Traditional marketing notions changed for these reasons:.

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Integrated Marketing Communications

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  1. Integrated Marketing Communications Chapter 17

  2. Unique promo identity, examples • Star Jones with Payless Shoe Source • T-Mobile, Catherine Zeta Jones • Michael J. Fox for Parkinson’s disease

  3. Traditional marketing notions changed for these reasons: • Consumer protests about product value and safety began to shake historical views • Product recalls • Ingredient scares • Advertisers were asked how products answered social needs and civic responsibility • Rumors about companies spread quickly • General imagine problems fanned by media criticism

  4. When publicity can be the most effective element • Introducing a revolutionary new product • Eliminating distribution problems with retail outlets • Small budgets an strong competition • Explaining a complicated product • Generating new consumer excitement for old product

  5. Cont’d • Tying product to unique rep (examples_: 1. Morris the Cat; 2. Jolly Green Giant. 3. BK’s King 4. Ronald McDonald • Creating an identity

  6. Third-party spokespeople • Editors and producers don’t soon forgive firms that sponsor devious spokespeople (example is actress Kathleen Turner)

  7. Building a band • Be early • Be memorable • Be aggressive • Use heritage • Create a personality

  8. Trade show preparation • Analyze the show carefully • Select a common theme • Make sure the products displayed are the right ones • Consider the trade books • Emphasize what’s new • Consider local promotional efforts • Evaluate the worth

  9. In-Kind promotions 1. Providing services or products as prizes offered by a newspaper or charity in exchange for being listed as a cosponsor in promotional materials

  10. In-Kind promotions 2. Providing services or products to a local business in exchange for having fliers inserted in shopping bags or as statement stuffers

  11. In-Kind promotions 3. Provide services or products to doctors’ offices, auto repair shops, or other businesses in exchange for having brochures prominently displayed

  12. In-Kind promotions 4. Providing samples and gifts of products and services, along with sales literature

  13. In-Kind promotions 5. Providing point-of-purchase displays, literature, events, demonstrations, and samples at the point where the customer decides on purchasing the product or service

  14. In-Kind promotions 6. Providing posters of the product or service at well-trafficked locations

  15. Cause-related marketing • These are public relations sponsorships tied to philanthropy

  16. Purposes of PR advertising • Mergers and diversifications • Personal changes • Organizational resources • Manufacturing and service capabilities • Growth history • Financial strength and stability • Company customers • Organization name change • Trademark protection • Corporate emergencies

  17. 21st Century IMG • Television brand integration: Introducing the products into the fabric of what is being presented on screen • Infomercials • Word-out of mouth marketing • Television and Movie product placements (know examples in book for this particular one)

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