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Monitoring and Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation
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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

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Monitoring and Evaluation

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  1. Module 11 Monitoring and Evaluation

  2. Basic M&E Requirements of a Joint Programme Every JP Document should have an M&E Framework and an M&E Plan It should be derived from the UNDAF or Consolidated Appeal Process M&E Framework and Plan If the JP is rooted in the UNDAF, this should be derived as soon as the UNDAF framework/plan is completed The M&E Framework should define the impact, outcomes and outputs, with indicators The M&E Plan should schedule all major M&E activities and articulate how, when and by whom the results will be measured

  3. Considerations for Developing an M&E Framework and M&E Plan All partners are jointly responsible for the M&E framework and plan Ensure the coordination of field visits between partner agencies for monitoring JPs Implementation of M&E Framework should be shared among Agencies according to thematic and geographic presence/capacity, suited to the purpose Existing data sources should also be used for measuring baselines and for tracking results The cost of M&E activities should be incorporated in the JP budget .

  4. Before implementing a JP, review the M&E plan and ask: • Who will do what? • When will it be done? • Where will it be done? • How will it be done? • How much will it cost? All financial inputs should be tagged for identification to the JP, for easy extraction of data

  5. Evaluation of a Joint Project Five Standard Evaluation criteria should be used Relevance Effectiveness Efficiency Impact Sustainability Coherence and, management and coordination should also be considered

  6. Evaluation of a Joint Project Using standard criteria for evaluation: Relevance Of objectives to local beneficiaries & consistent with international goals and commitments Effectiveness Have the invested resources achieved the desired result? How has the JP contributed to achieving the national agenda? How has the JP enhanced ownership and helped development of national capacity? Efficiency How has the JP affected transaction costs for the government and agencies alike?

  7. Evaluation of a Joint Project Using standard criteria for evaluation continued... Coherence To what extent are: • partners working together • gender, HRBA & RBM understood and pursued in a coherent fashion? • capacity development based on and pursued according to common analysis? Sustainability • What is the probability of benefits accruing after the JP comes to an end ? Management and Coordination • How well are responsibilities implemented in a complementary fashion? • How well have the coordination functions been fulfilled? • What have been the effects of the coordination/ lack on the programme?

  8. Review of Annual Work Plans (AWP) JP Work plan reviews need to be performed • The results feed into the JP SC for overall review and monitoring • The results of the reviews are reflected in the UNDAF Theme Groups

  9. Discuss JP with Donors/Partners Agency define Programme Agency Programme Docs Discussed at HQ Mid-Term UNDAF Review JPs Modified/Established Formulate JP Agency Programme completed Joint Strategy Meeting JPs/UNDAF Evaluation Agency Ops Docs signed with governments UNDAF Implementation & Monitoring JP Review s JP Reviews IDENTIFY JP JPs in Operations Documents JPs in Annual UNDAF Review JPD, MOU, LOA signed CCA JPs in Annual Report CCA/UNDAF Planning Cycle UNDAF Mid Term Cycle Joint Programme Cycle

  10. End Module 11