monitoring and evaluation n.
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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

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Monitoring and Evaluation

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  1. Monitoring and Evaluation • HRBA/RBM • UNDAF/One Program M&E • JP M&E • Monitoring Progress, Processes and Results • Reporting Progress and Results • Facilitating Reviews and Evaluations • Planning for the Next program cycle • Situation Analyses+ Preparing LogFrames+ M&E Frameworks and M&E Plans

  2. Basic M&E Requirements of a Joint Programme UNDGO Guidelines Every JP Document should have an M&E Framework and an M&E Plan If the JP is rooted in the UNDAF, this should be derived as soon as the UNDAF framework/plan is completed The M&E Framework should define the goal/impact, outcomes and outputs, with indicators, baselines and targets The M&E Plan should schedule all major M&E activities and articulate how, when and by whom the results will be measured All partners are jointly responsible for the M&E framework and plan Implementation of M&E Framework should be shared among Agencies according to thematic and geographic presence/capacity, suited to the purpose The cost of M&E activities should be incorporated in the JP budget

  3. One UN M&EScope of Work

  4. One UN M&EScope of Work ….

  5. One UN Key M&E Functions • Implementation of the M&E Plans for each of the Thematic Joint Programme • Collection of progress data from the participating agencies and maintain a database to facilitate regular monitoring of progress and result indicators • Maintaining JP Implementation records and data • Preparing Program Progress Reports on quarterly or six monthly basis • To facilitate, designing and conducting surveys to collect primary data from the field (on need basis) • Facilitate/conduct case studies and document success stories/good practices • Assist in preparing annual work plans by the program staff

  6. One UN Key M&E Functions….Cont • Facilitate Annual and Mid-Term Reviews • Assist evaluation missions • Assist JPSCs in preparing funding proposal/concept notes • Quality control in performing M&E functions by implementing partners • Capacity building of the national implementing partners and helping them institutionalize M&E • Facilitate conducting situation analyses (for next program planning cycle) and take lead role in designing Logframes • Designing M&E Frameworks, collecting baseline information and developing M&E Plans for the respective Joint Programs in the next cycle starting after 2010.

  7. Summary of UN’s M&E Existing and Required Capacities • Currently only UNICEF has full-fledged M&E section in the country office with staff presence in the provincial offices • UNDP, UNAIDS, WHO and WFP have one M&E person each in their country offices • There is one M&E person in FAO to monitor rehabilitation work in earthquake affected areas • For JP M&E, each of the JP level convening agencies need to have M&E team of at least 5 persons • RC Office needs technical capacity (at least one person) to assist in updating and maintaining Joint M&E Database

  8. Formal upward Information Flow Informal Information Flow Downwards Information Flow/Feedback/Decisions M&E Information Flowchart

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