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National Honor Society PowerPoint Presentation
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National Honor Society

National Honor Society

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National Honor Society

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  1. National Honor Society

  2. Scholarship • Students who are in the top 20% of their class at the end of their sophomore year are eligible to apply. • The guidance director will certify this qualification.

  3. Character • Positive aspects of character include honesty, responsibility, cooperation, and general good citizenship. Criteria will be determined through disciplinary records.

  4. Character • Students with documented infractions of cheating, drug abuse, parking infractions, or any other breaches in discipline that result in detention, school suspension, etc. will not qualify for membership. • An assistant principal will verify this information. • Records will be reviewed from the beginning of freshman year.

  5. Service and Leadership • The criteria of service and leadership are defined in terms of performance in school and community activities. • Students are required to be involved in at least 3 school activities totaling 50 hours.

  6. Service and Leadership • Students must also complete 100 hours of community service. The service is counted from the first day of freshman year to the submission of the application in junior year. This service must be done during your own time. You must give of yourself. A list of acceptable community service hours are posted on Raritan’s National Honor Society webpage.

  7. Service and Leadership • Students may only have 80 hours in one community service activity. We are, again, looking for a well-rounded student. The other 20 hours may come from any other source, as many as needed. • There is no form from NHS for community service. Please request a letter from the organization for which you have volunteered.

  8. Service and Leadership • Candidates must submit a sign-off sheet to the National Honor Advisor prior to our December break. This sign off will list the activities and signatures of advisors of clubs, and will have letters of community service attached to it.

  9. Essay • Candidates must complete an essay on service, leadership, character and scholarship. The essay must follow the rubric and be submitted with the application.

  10. Information for Freshmen and Sophomores • You must be in the top 20% of your class at the end of your sophomore year. • You must complete 100 hours of community service. You must have a variety of service and volunteer for a non-profit organization. A list of acceptable community service hours are posted on Rartian’s NHS webpage. • You must participate in 3 activities at RHS for a total of 50 hours. • Your discipline record must be clear.