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National Honor Society PowerPoint Presentation
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National Honor Society

National Honor Society

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National Honor Society

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  1. National Honor Society Informational Meeting December 7, 2011

  2. National Honor Society Purpose To create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage development of character in all students at Foster High school by recognizing students who are outstanding in these areas.

  3. Did you know? National Honor Society was founded in 1921. NHS is governed by the National Association of Principals. There are currently more than 12,500 active NHS Chapters in the United States. NHS was founded to recognize and encourage academic achievement while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy.

  4. Qualities of National Honor Society Members • Scholarship – the commitment to learning • Service – the willingness to volunteer time and abilities to create a better tomorrow for all • Leadership – to provide role models for the student body • Character – the force within each individual that distinguishes that person from others for the better

  5. Selection Process

  6. Eligibility Member of the Junior or Senior Class Attended Foster at least one complete semester Overall GPA of 94.0 or above non-rounded through the fall semester of that year based on semester grades.

  7. Selection Schedule Occurs once per year. During spring semester . Students who are eligible will be notified in January. Activity Forms will be due in February. Induction Ceremony will take place in March.

  8. Selection Process Activity Forms are turned in. Faculty ratings/evaluations are completed. Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) meets. Selection is conducted anonymously. Faculty Advisory Committee votes. Results reported to Mr. Tomas. Sponsors inform students.

  9. Student Information and Activity Form Identifying information is on cover page. Rest of the packet is anonymous. Student lists activities, leadership positions, employment, awards or recognition received, and service hours performed. Service hours must be documented. Essay is required. Student can list discipline issues on record and explain.

  10. Scholarship Must have a cumulative average of 94 or above. All students who qualify will receive an invitation letter to attend the mandatory selection informational meeting in January. Students who choose to apply for membership will complete the Student Activity Form.

  11. Pillars of National Honor Society

  12. Character Teachers will rate each eligible student on their character. The ratings will be average for an over all score. Ratings are presented to the FAC. Discipline referrals and class room behavior can effect character ratings. Essay asks students to tell about a time they demonstrated outstanding character.

  13. Determination of Outstanding Character Character is proven through appropriate and upstanding conduct and behavior both in and out of the classroom. Potential members should remember that NHS is charged with the responsibility of setting the standard for the school and should conduct themselves accordingly. Teachers who have knowledge of potential members rate these students on character qualities that the teachers have witnessed from these students.

  14. Leadership • Can include any leadership positions in and out of school. • Leadership also includes active involvement in school and community activities. • Leadership also includes awards and recognition received for outstanding performance in school and community activities. • Examples are: • Club Officer • Team Captain • Chairman of a Committee • Youth Group Leader

  15. Service Service is demonstrated through documentation of a variety of meaningful school, community, and church service projects. Document any service hours you have completed during 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade year. Can use hours for school and community. Do not include hours required by a class or for which you got paid. A variety of community service projects is a good thing!

  16. Selection Decisions

  17. Possible Reasons for Non-Selection 1 or more assignments to ISS and/or 5 or more hours of assigned after school or Saturday school Discipline referrals for major infractions (cheating, truancy, fighting, insubordination) Minimal participation in co-curricular activities and/or community activities Very few or no leadership positions Very little or no participation in school or community service activities

  18. Approval All eligible students who successfully demonstrate all four qualities of NHS – outstanding character, leadership, scholarship, and service – are sent invitations to join the chapter. New members will be inducted into the chapter in March. New members will eceivea copy of the bylaws. Sign an honor code and statement acknowledging their responsibility to adhere to NHS rules and guidelines.

  19. Membership

  20. Responsibilities of Members Maintain a 94 overall average. Complete service hour requirements. Avoid serious discipline infractions. Take part in chapter activities including monthly meetings and service projects. Pay dues of $5.00 per semester.

  21. Service Projects Each member must complete 10 service hours the semester he or she is inducted. Each member must complete 15 service hours the following semesters. Each semester, 5 must be school projects and 5 must be community projects. Each member must participate in chapter service projects to be determined each year.

  22. National Honor Society Officers • Students run for office in spring of junior year and are elected by their peers with faculty input. • Offices offer members additional opportunities for leadership. • Offices include: • President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer

  23. Frequently Asked Questions What are examples of NHS Chapter projects? What happens if an NHS member has a discipline issue? Can hours performed count for service cord? Can you re-apply if you weren’t selected your junior year? Can students transfer into our chapter from other schools?