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National Honor Society

National Honor Society

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National Honor Society

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  1. National Honor Society Forsyth Central High School


  3. Why do I want to join NHS? • Membership in nationally-recognized Honor Society • Local recognition • Chapter activities provide an opportunity to serve school and community • Scholarship opportunities • Colleges love to see NHS! • Cool advisers

  4. Things to consider… • Must understand the following before the process begins: • Honor, not a right • Membership carries a heavy responsibility • Must be willing to commit time and energy • Selection • Not in competition with others • Faculty council can select every student who meets all four standards or none at all based on the national standards. There isn’t a set quota!

  5. Selection Criteria NHS Selection is based on these four areas of criteria.

  6. National Honor Society is a service organization that recognizes exceptional Junior students who meet the following criteria: Must have and maintain a 3.8 cumulative GPA scholarship Participate actively in school and community, providing a variety of service throughout the year service Are positive role models in the classroom, at work, and in other school/community activities. leadership Consistently demonstrate qualities which society aspires to achieve and finds admirable character

  7. Fine points of the application • Leadership: Minimum of 2 different organizations OR 2 different roles within one organization. At least one must be schoolleadership. • Community Service: Minimum of 3 activities that are not school related. • Character: faculty input.

  8. NHS Myth Buster Questions FALSE • Having a 3.8 GPA guarantees acceptance. • The Principal, Advisors and Counselors select/deny student membership. • Students must maintain a high GPA and be a member in in good standing to remain in NHS. • Once in NHS there is nothing a student has to do. • A student can get all the forms and information from the FCHS Counselor Webpage. • One teacher can “blackball” a student. • A student may be denied membership based on their parent(s) interactions with staff, principal or the BOE. FALSE TRUE FALSE TRUE FALSE FALSE

  9. Selection Process • Principal appoints at least 5 faculty teachers as the NHS Faculty Council. • Faculty Council reviews COMPLETED forms and evaluates qualifications for acceptance. • Completed forms have only student identification numbers for most of the process. • Principal, Counselors and NHS advisors are not part of the Faculty Council nor are they part of the selection process!

  10. How do I get started? • Go to FCHS Webpage • Counseling Department link • NHS Link on left side • Download Student Activity Form • Review FCHS NHS Selection Procedure • Complete Student Activity Form • Student ID only • Essays • Turn in before deadline • Deadline is Monday October 1st , 2012 by 4pm to either Mr. or Mrs. Schuyler • NO LATE FORMS ACCEPTED!

  11. Membership Expectations • Attend monthly chapter meetings • Participate in services during membership • Participate in chapter projects and fundraisers • Voted on by members • Attend Induction ceremony (Junior and Senior Year) • Attend graduation ceremony as NHS members your Junior year. • Maintain four standards: leadership, character, service and scholarship • Academic Honesty • Maintain 3.8 GPA

  12. QUESTIONS ???

  13. Thank you for your interest in the FCHS Chapter of National Honor Society Please make sure to sign in. Return your completed packet early! Late packets will not be accepted.