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National Honor Society PowerPoint Presentation
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National Honor Society

National Honor Society

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National Honor Society

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  1. National Honor Society

  2. What do we do? • We volunteer as groups at community organizations like 2nd Harvest Food Bank, Catholic Charities, Inland Northwest Blood Bank, and Santa Express. • We tutor at Hamblen Elementary, here at Ferris, and have a list of capable tutors who are available for individual students. • Individuals volunteer and lead at their churches, local schools, camps, and at Ferris.

  3. Big Events • We have 2 blood drives a year that we really need everyone to help out with to make them a success. • There are usually several events around the holidays that we participate in like Tom’s Turkey Drive, Santa Express, and Santa’s Breakfast. • We try to promote at least one major event a month for volunteering.

  4. What will be expected of you? • You will be expected to come to at least 4 meetings a semester to hear about volunteer opportunities and other news. • You will be expected to have at least 6 hours of community service a semester and two examples of leadership. • You will need to pay a one-time fee of $15 to help pay for the NHS letters, the induction ceremonies, and snacks at our meetings.

  5. What do I need to do to get in? • You should be turning in an application that shows you have been active in the community. • Your application should also contain leadership positions you have had. • Many students feel they don’t have many leadership examples, but look for places where you have taken charge of even small groups or been an example to others. • A letter of recommendation from a community member supporting your application.

  6. Here are some examples… Missing some signatures and contact people. Also doesn’t have ANY dates or hours or descriptions of what they did. This would get a very low score from the panel.

  7. This is much more complete. Because they have short descriptions, specific times and dates, and contact info. This would get a much better score because they completed the information as asked.

  8. While this is complete, it goes back beyond the timeline we ask you. 8th grade is as far back as you should be going. You want to represent what you have been doing recently (like in a resume).

  9. This is a very comprehensive list and seems to more or less have acceptable items. However, they did not include dates or hours. Leadership is not always measured by hours, so you may not need that here, but the timeline of when you were involved is important.

  10. Has most of the signatures (for Ferris activities) and contact info, but again missing dates and times. This would get a very low score from the panel, but might give you some ideas of activities to list.

  11. Letter of Recommendation • Give your writer plenty of time. • Providing them with a list of activities and events you have been involved with will help them write a letter. • These letters are meant to support your application, but your application will not be accepted without it!

  12. Once you are in… • You will be turning in hours sheets similar to the following that show continued participation in the community. • You will not need to reapply each year, but your continued membership is contingent on your fulfilling the previously mentioned requirements.

  13. Hours Sheets Examples…

  14. When will I know if I got in? • A staff panel will review the applications and rate them on whether they are complete and show preparedness to be in National Honor Society. • You will be notified by the first week of May whether or not you have been accepted and invited to the Induction Ceremony on May 11th.