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National Honor Society

National Honor Society

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National Honor Society

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  1. National Honor Society Application Packets– simplified!!

  2. Eligible Students • 11th and 12th graders with the following: • GPA of 3.7 or better • No record of cheating or dishonesty • Good standing with THS Administration

  3. Downloading the Packet • THS NHS website: • THS  Activities  National Honor Society • Scroll down to “Applying to NHS This School Year” • Choose the MS Word version or PDF

  4. Printing the Packet • PDF or MS Word available • 1 packet, 2 teacher recommendations • Do it at home, in library before/after school, or during FLEX

  5. Filling out the Packet • Either… • Print MS Word and type your application • Print PDF and write legibly in blue or black ink

  6. Co-Curricular Activities • Anything that is an activity through THS • SCA, class councils, forensics, debate • RSEF (regional science & engineering fair) • sports teams, drama, music • clubs and other organizations • Drama and different plays • Band and different bands • Chorus and different choruses • Etc.

  7. Leadership Positions • positions you’ve held through activities/clubs/sports affiliated with THS • officers or committee chairs of clubs or any extra curricular activity • team captains for sports teams or clubs • must be in High School, not before

  8. Logging Service Hours • We MUST be able to verify your hours!!! • missing hours or signatures will result in the rejection of your application • there are (2) sections that require you to log service hours: • Section III: School Hours • Section IV: Community Hours

  9. School Hours • anything you do with a sports team, club, or program through THS • not all school hours were actually done ‘on site’ at THS, but may have been affiliated with the school • must be in High School, not before

  10. Community Hours • hours that you do ON YOUR OWN TIME through a church, youth group, with your family and friends, Boy/Girl Scouts, etc. • NOT affiliated with THS • must be in High School, not before

  11. Awards • Any honor you received since being at THS but doesn’t have to be through THS (so high school aged, but not necessarily through this high school) • Can include coach’s awards and other team awards • Band Honors • Science fair placements • Honor roll • Church awards and community awards

  12. Verification • We need to be able to verify your hours, honors, and positions • GET SPONSOR SIGNATURES and provide emails/phone #s (whatever you have) • When you can’t find a sponsor or they don’t live/work near you– email them! • Their email can satisfy as the signature and email if you attach it • Your parents MAY NOT verify your hours, awards, co-curriculars, or leadership positions

  13. General Tips • Do not start this application at the last minute!! • Do not include original Key Club documentation of service hours or original Awards--- you will not get them back • Make a copy of your application so if you need the info in the future you have it--- you will not get your application back

  14. Essay Question • Must be typed • handwritten essays will NOT be read and will count as a missing part of the application • 200 word minimum • DO NOT write more than 1 page • Should be double spaced, 12 ptTimes New Roman font • 1-inch margins (default on MS Word 2003, 2007, and 2010) • question is in packet (part VI)

  15. Teacher Recommendations • You need TWO (2) • give them to your teachers ASAP– do not wait until the last minute • YOU must provide them with an envelope • teachers must seal the envelope & sign over the back • teachers must return them to you so you can include them in your packet • Your teachers know this! • they were emailed! 

  16. You are Responsible for… • Downloading the Application Packet • Printing the Packet • Filling out the packet (typed, blue, or black ink) • Providing your 2 teachers with envelopes (for teacher recommendations) • Providing the manila envelope for your application • Turning your application in to the NHS box in the main office!