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MAP Multiplexers Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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MAP Multiplexers Solutions

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MAP Multiplexers Solutions
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MAP Multiplexers Solutions

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  1. MAP Multiplexers Solutions

  2. Agenda Megaplex-2100/2104 Overview • Introduction • Description of services • New features of version 12 Applications

  3. Introduction • Highly flexible managed modular TDM multiplexer • Single Chassis solution for Data, Voice and Ethernet • Scalable system - number of services per node • Maximum uptime - Power Supply, CL.2 and Main Link redundancy • TDM or Packet network using TDMoIP / Pseudo-Wire MP-104 MP-204 MP-2104 MP-2100

  4. Megaplex Physical Description

  5. Networks and Services Services Networks Management High Speed Data and Ethernet IP/Eth Voice, Fax ISDN TDM Megaplex Low Speed Data SDH/ SONET E1 / T1 Interface Leased Lines Node and Network Management IDSLSHDSL Satellite / Microwave

  6. Agenda Megaplex-2100/2104 Overview • Introduction • Description of services • New features of version 12 Applications

  7. Main Link Modules

  8. PCM Voice Modules MP-2104 VC-16/FXS Modules 60 Channels E1 PBX MP-2100 VC-16/FXO Modules 120 Channels MP-2104 VC-16/FXS Modules 60 Channels E1

  9. Ethernet Modules

  10. HS-ETH/SW: Enhanced Ethernet 4 port Module • L3 Subnet Switching (Static Routing) • WAN Egress VLAN manipulation support • Up to 8 Mbps of Bridge/Static Routing • Ethernet over up to 16 multiple WAN bundles Customer Premises DXC IP Network LAN FCD-IP E1/T1 E1 Central Site MP-2100 MP-2100 LANs HS-ETH/SW E1/T1 Network HS-ETH/V 10/100BaseT Router LAN Customer Premises LAN LAN MP-2100 Router ASMi-52 V.35 FCD with Ethernet Port SHDSL

  11. Low Speed Modules MP-2100 LS-6N E1/T1 Up to 6 data channels (2.4 to 64 kbps) Outputs Cable Up to 12 data channels (2.4 to 64 kbps) MP-2100 Main Link A Main Link B Minicomputer or Mainframe LS-12 MP-2100 LS-6N E1/T1 Up to 6 data channels (2.4 to 64 kbps) Outputs Cable * Office Channel User-Data Port

  12. High Speed Modules Data Server Router MP-2104 V.35 MP-4100 MP-2100 HS-6N HS-12N Data Terminals Up to 12 n x 56/64 kbps Channels per module E1/T1 or IP Network MP-2104 HS-6N Router Data Server

  13. Agenda Megaplex-2100/2104 Overview • Introduction • Description of services • New features of version 12 Applications

  14. ML-8E1/T1:8 port E1/T1 Main Link • Supports up to 8 E1 or T1 interfaces • Supports for 16Mbps bus when working with ML-8E1/T1, MSL-8 and HS-12N • Single box solution enabling lower cost implementation for multiple E1 applications • Need redundancy? Use ML-2E1 CPE PBX MP-2104 E1/T1 POP CPE ETH FCD-E1LC E1/T1 MP-2100 PBX E1 CPE RICi-E1 E1/T1 V35 CPE MP-2104 FE

  15. MSL-8:8 port SHDSL Main Link • Extension of voice and data over copper lines using standard SHDSL • Each port transmits up to 2048 kbps payload over 2-wire copper cables • Range up to 10.6 km (6.6 miles) over 26 AWG 2-wire cable • Compatible with other RAD SHDSL interface products ASMi-52L SHDSL ETH ASMi-52 ETH V35 SHDSL MP-2100 PBX E1 DXC10-A ETH SHDSL PBX MP-2104 V35 SHDSL E1

  16. HSF-2:Dual port Teleprotection • Dual 10 x 64 kbps fiber interfaces for teleprotection equipment • Complies with IEEE C37.94 standard requirements • Enables teleprotection data to be transferred over the digital network without the need for proprietary interfaces or end to end fiber connections Substation Contact Transfer (Teleprotection) unit Central Control Site Contact Inputs Contact Transfer (Teleprotection) unit C37.94 Compliant HSF-2 Fiber interface C37.94 Compliant HSF-2 Fiber interface Hostile Environment MP-2100 To CentralStation MP-2100 Fiber 2 km Fiber 2 km Digital Network Substation Contact Outputs Megaplex Megaplex (IEEE C37.94) (IEEE C37.94) Contact Transfer (Teleprotection) unit Contact Inputs Hostile Environment

  17. FXS VC-4A, VC-8A:4/8 Channel PCM and ADPCM • 4 or 8 analog voice channels using PCM or ADPCM encoding, E&M, FXS or FXO interface options. • In-band “Robbed Bit Frame” (RBF) signaling transfer. Useful for networks that don’t supporting signaling switching • Adaptive Echo Canceller Supports delays of up to 4 msec per channel, as per G.168 PBX Megaplex-2100 Megaplex-2100 FXO 1 x E1/T1 60/48 voice channels over a single E1/T1

  18. VC-4/OMNI:Omnibus PCM Voice Module • Teleconference call on a single time slot • Omnibus, P2MP and P2P modes • Star, daisy chain and ring topology Airmux Airmux Control Center MP-2104 MP-4100 MP-2104 MP-2104 Data, Voice, Video over IP MP-2104

  19. PSTN VFS-24/30/48/60:Voice Compression • Compression of up to 60 voice channels • High compression ratio (8 kbps, 5.3 kbps, or 6.4 kbps) • Voice compression server functionality Shore-based Control Center Offshore Oil Platform MP-2100 MP-2104 with VFS Analog Voice VFS VC-16 ETH ETH E1/T1s LS-12 LAN PBX 38.4 Kbps LS Data

  20. Wait to Restore & PPP Fail Detect • Sequence of interruptions can lead to continues toggling • WTR feature ensures steady state ring • PPP Fail Detect enables detection of link failure when working with third party equipment 3rd party Radio Equipment 3rd party Radio Equipment MP-2100 MP-2100 MP-2100 MP-2100 E1/T1 Ring over radio in bad weather Conditions MP-2100 MP-2100 MP-2100

  21. Additional Features of Version 12 • ML20N: Use TS0 for additional 56K data when signaling or management is not used • New HS-R/N updates: Latency or Bandwidth optimization • Force activation: Allows manual selection of active redundant link or bundle

  22. Megaplex line Comparison

  23. Agenda Megaplex-2100/2104 Overview • Introduction • Description of services • New features of version 12 Applications

  24. Daisy chain solution for the utilities, mobile and transportation markets Drop-and-insert topology saves cost of leased lines or infrastructure investment Drop-off any service Optimized solution for specific node requirements Multiple Services in Daisy Chain Topology AirMux-200 AirMux-200 AirMux-200 AirMux-200 MP-2104 MP-2104 FCD-IP FCD-IP

  25. E1 Ring Topology Solution Video • Flexible • Reliable (SDH-like protection) • Reduced number of products per solution • Reduce space costs • Attractive price/performance • Simple to implementation Fire Alarm ETH MP-2104 FCD-IP FXS FXS E1 Ring ETH MP-2100 PBX NMS Servers

  26. T1/E1 Ring, RFER and Daisy Chain PC “U” Interface ASMi-31 PBX • Highlights: • Ring topology= No single point of failure • Up to 50ms protection speed for RFER and up to 5sec for the T1/E1 Ring • In case of link failure, minimum services down time • Daisy-chain enables support for more services at different locations MP MP PSTN FCD E1/T1 LS Data T1/E1 Ring OR Fast ETH Ring LS Terminal T1/E1/FE MP MP T1/E1/FE LS Data LS Terminal MP T1/E1/FE MP MP

  27. Legacy Services over IP Central Node E&M FXS V.24 E&M FXS V.24 • Easy migration from TDM to IP • Support transition over a secure IP/Ethernet/MPLS network • Redundant links and bundles • Single shop solution for multi service environment TDMoIP Remote Node Remote Node MP-2100 MP-2100 E&M FXS V.24 E&M FXS V.24 MP-2100 MP-2100 IP/Ethernet Provider’s Network E1/T1 E1/T1 MP-2100 MP-2100 MP-2100 MP-2100 E&M FXS V.24 E&M FXS V.24 E&M FXS V.24 E&M FXS V.24 Remote Node Remote Node Remote Node Remote Node

  28. Power Utility Teleprotection Relays SCADA SCADA SCADA PBX Voice • Multiple services over any infrastructure • Single box solution for a variety of services • Teleprotection signals transport over the IEEE C37.94 standard • One stop shop Voice Voice Control Center Analog/Digital Voice/SCADA, Ethernet FO FO MP-2100 MP-2104 MP-2104 FO FOM-E1/T1 E1/T1 Teleprotection FCD-155E MP-4100 SCADA ETH FCD-155E Voice SCADA SDH/SONET n x E1/T1 PBX Voice MP-2104 MP-2100 E1/T1 E1/T1 FCD-155E Airmux-200 E1 SHDSL Airmux-200 FCD-155E ASMi-52 MP-2100 SCADA

  29. TETRA Backhauling BTS BTS • Base stations can be connected using E1, Serial interface or Ethernet • E1/T1 Ring and RFER for low cost, quick self healing transport layer • Multiple rings for flexible and resilient solution • Fully managed solution • Different form factors for different node needs • Migration path to IP networks • Successfully deployed FCD-IP MP-2104 BTS BTS MP-2104 FCD-IP MSO BTS BTS MP-2104 MP-2104 MP-4100 Remote Dispatcher Room MP-2104 n x 4W FE n x RS-232 Control Room Router Switch

  30. Transportation Fast Ethernet Protected Ring (RFER) Control Center • Fast Ethernet Ring over F.O. • TDM quality over Ethernet • Voice, Ethernet, Data and Control at each node • Unique Omnibus • High survivability MP-2104 ETH MP-2100 MP-2104 Video 4 wire data, Voice, Video over IP MP-2104 MP-2104 ETH ETH ETH Video Video Video