the hunger games r e n.
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The hunger games R&e

The hunger games R&e

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The hunger games R&e

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  1. The hunger games R&e By Blaise

  2. R - summary In a future of horror, Katniss Everdeen begins her adventure. The annual reaping lottery is starting, and the names drawn will fight in the Hunger Games, an event were children fight and survive in the wild, and the last one standing wins. Katniss and her little sister Prim, assure each other they will not get in. They repeat this, over and over… until Prim’s name gets called. They panic. Katniss takes Prims place as a volunteer, and is sent to the capitol city of her country. From there Katniss trains with her bow and arrow, traps, and learns how to survive in the wild. On the last day of the training week, Katniss is sent on a plane to the arena, and placed in a pod. The countdown until the games begins. Will Katniss survive? Will Prim get to see her sister again? Will the evil of the country change? Read the Hunger Games to find out.

  3. Pictures Katniss practicing her archery skills (up) The volunteer (up) Katniss being interviewed at training (down) The good luck symbol (down) A Hunger Games logo (up)

  4. E – Other books similar to hunger games Here is a list of books similar to the Hunger Games: The evil aliens have killed of the planet of Lorien for there natural resources. Three are dead. I am number four. I’m there next target. I am Thomas. That’s all I know. I’m stuck in a maze with a group of people called the Glades. Everyday we fight our way past the monsters, and hope we can find the end of the maze.

  5. Ender Wiggin, boy genius is invited to go to Battle School, an outer space boot camp designed to train future warriors for the Earth to fight the buggers. Will Ender go in the war? Will he survive? Will the human race survive? Read Ender’s Game to find out. A fourteen-year old boy named Peak goes with a crew and sets out to climb Mount Everest and become the youngest person to climb it. Can Peak and his crew survive the climb? Will he reach the ultimate goal? Or will he fall? Read Peak to find out.

  6. Thanks for watching! 