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Mobile Advertisement

Mobile Advertisement

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Mobile Advertisement

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  1. Mobile Advertisement Mobile Advertisement Avocarrot is a mobile ad exchange specialized in Native Ads. App developers can integrate Avocarrot's Native Ads to get real-time programmatic access to a large number of advertisers around the world.. App developers can integrate Avocarrot's Native Ads to get real-time programmatic access to a large number of advertisers around the world.

  2. Make extra money Make extra money Native ads can co-exist with any other monetization solution you already use (even banner ads). This means extra money for you at zero cost! Keep a beautiful user experience Keep a beautiful user experience The power of our technology allows you to easily adjust the look of the ads to match the existing UX of your app. No more compromise on user experience. 17x High Ecpm From More Clicks 17x High Ecpm From More Clicks App developers that use Avocarrot report up to 17x higher CTRs compared to banner ads. More clicks translate to happier users and more money for you.

  3. Built for App Developers Built for App Developers The user experience was important for me so I wanted to go with native ads. Avocarrot gave me the easiest way to implement them in my apps. Daryl Walser Daryl Walser Whack Ur Boss The support team is really fast, the setup of the SDK in my apps was painless and the payment is always on time. I warmly recommend Avocarrot. Geoffrey Kretz Geoffrey Kretz Kwit I started using this SDK alongside with banner ads to get extra revenue. After 2 weeks, I now use only Avocarrot and I make more money than before. Chris Makris Chris Makris Find the word

  4. Fundamentals of native ad marketing Fundamentals of native ad marketing The simplest way to define native ads is to say they are advertisements that don’t look like advertisements. Instead they adopt the shape and form of “native” content for the platform on which they appear, blending in seamlessly and bypassing consumer’s resistance towards commercial messages. In this way, the recipients can consume the message alongside normal content without clumsy interruption of their natural mental flow. This form of communication found its full application in the online and mobile marketing sectors, but roots of the native advertising go much deeper. Legend of traditional print advertising and founder of one of the largest global ad agencies, Mr. David Ogilvy, knew about power of mimicry and pioneered the “advertorial” approach, where paid ads were designed to look like editorial pieces. With technical limitations of the printing process now significantly abridged by information technology, marketers have a free hand to seek for creative expressions of their core values in ways that were hard to imagine only a decade ago.

  5. Benefits Enjoy Enjoy premium premium eCPMs Get $2 eCPM on average and up to $8. Advertisers pay premium rates for native ad inventory, which means higher earnings for you. Benefit Benefit from from global global Fill Fill Rate Rate Programmatic buying and direct relationships with advertisers ensure continuous ad serving bringing 99% fill rate globally. Flexible Flexible Payment Payment Terms Terms Get paid via Paypal or bank transfer on the first of the month on a Net30 basis. Next payment is on June 1st. Updated Updated SDKs SDKs No need to worry about new rules or compliances with Google and Apple. Our dedicated team ensures that we never miss an update. Best Best Support Support Have access to a 24/7 support team dedicated to handle all your enquiries. Ask us about your next payment or share a new idea with us at anytime. 10 10 minutes minutes Integration Integration Express integration with a step-by-step wizard to get you up and running in no time. eCPMs

  6. Our Our Story Our mission is to fix mobile advertising. Our mission is to fix mobile advertising. Challenging. Challenging. We started Avocarrot out of our own frustration when we were struggling to make money from our mobile apps using banner ads. Beyond the small payouts, banners were repelling our users and as a result we were ontinuously losing money. The company started in London and then expanded to San Francisco and Athens (we are hiring). Avocarrot was awarded as 1 of the 8 best companies from Google for Entrepreneurs in a global competition and also voted as ‘The Next Big Thing’ at the advertising technology conference ad:tech in 2013.

  7. For more information please For more information please visit visit