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S5 English

S5 English. Good Afternoon S5!. In today’s lesson, we will... Discuss and analyse Act 1 Scene 2 Look at the theme of education Answer questions on character. Act 1 Scene 2. Summary Rita’s first tutorial Frank struggles to get Rita to focus on E.M Forster.

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S5 English

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  1. S5 English

  2. Good Afternoon S5! • In today’s lesson, we will... • Discuss and analyse Act 1 Scene 2 • Look at the theme of education • Answer questions on character

  3. Act 1 Scene 2 Summary • Rita’s first tutorial • Frank struggles to get Rita to focus on E.M Forster. • We learn about her previous education. • Frank reveals details of his broken relationships.

  4. Act 1 Scene 2 • This scene opens with a metaphor – Rita oils Frank’s door. What do you think Russell is trying to say here? RITA • She lacks confidence in herself. • She doesn’t understand the realities of education. (p30) • She had a negative experience at school. (p31) • She is unable to concentrate on the tutorial. (p34)

  5. Act 1 Scene 2 • Rita lacks confidence in her new environment. • Her use of language is a barrier – her strong accent and dialect shows she is working class and sets her apart from the other students. • She had to conform at school to fit in; “See if I’d started takin’ school seriously I would have had to become different to my mates, an’ that’s not allowed.” (page 31)

  6. Act 1 Scene 2 • “Like what you’ve got to be into is music an’ clothes an’ lookin’ for a feller, y’know the real qualities of life.” (page 32) • She feels this is a shallow existence. • She thinks that buying a new dress to change your outer appearance can distract you from the need to change yourself on the inside. • As a SYMBOLIC gesture , she is wearing an old dress and won’t buy another until she passes her first exam – by then she’ll be a new person, and wear “the sort of dress you’d only see on an educated woman.”

  7. Act 1 Scene 2 • Read Rita’s speech on page 37. • What is her point about education? • This relates to Rita’s situation – to pass exams she must do more than simply admire the beauty of great works, she must also analyse them and communicate her ideas in writing. • Frank acknowledges that this side of education may be wrong.

  8. Act 1 Scene 2 • Read pages 33 and 34. • Why does Frank find Rita’s essay unsatisfactory? • Note the difference in their use of language (page 33). • Rita writes in a SUBJECTIVE way whereas Frank must develop in her critical detachment so that she can pass exams. • “If you’re going to pass any sort of exam you have to begin to discipline that mind of yours.”

  9. Act 1 Scene 2 FRANK • He has split from his wife and now lives with a girlfriend, Julia. • He confesses to Rita that he currently is unable to write poetry. (p35) • There is clearly a strong attraction and closeness between the two. • Rita does her best to play down Frank’s comments using humour. (p37) • The use of humour becomes more pronounced in this scene as the two characters interact – Rita’s coarse and vulgar humour is contrasted well with Frank’s dry wit. Support your notes with quotations

  10. Act 1 Scene 3 Summary • Rita’s first essay shows how much she is lacking in formal education. • Frank persuades Rita that she must develop her taste in literature.

  11. Act 1 Scene 3 Rita: This Forster, honest to God he doesn’t half get on my tits. Frank: Good. You must show me the evidence. • His quick-witted reply reflects the closeness developing in their relationship. • A bond is emerging between the two characters – Rita receives the education she craves and Frank is given a new lease of life by her exuberant enthusiasm.

  12. Act 1 Scene 3 • “Devouring pulp fiction is not being well read.” • If Rita fails to appreciate anything other than pulp fiction, she will never be prepared for the exam. • Her replies to Frank’s arguments depict how difficult she is finding the traditional learning process. • However, at the end of the scene we see an important shift in her attitude – she is finally getting the message. • “My mind’s full of junk, isn’t it? It needs a good clearing out.”

  13. Act 1 Scene 4 Summary • Rita is finding the course difficult. • She has no support from her husband, Denny. • Her essay on Peer Gynt is one line long and Frank makes her rewrite it.

  14. Act 1 Scene 4 • There is a stark contrast to Rita’s earlier entrances. • There is a conflict between her home life and study life. • “Denny gets dead narked if I work at home. He doesn’t like me doing this.” • Frank explains that Rita must conform in order to pass exams. • “There is a way of answering examination questions that is expected.”

  15. Act 1 Scene 4 • Rita’s views on working class culture (pgs 47-48) • What is the “disease” Rita talks about? • Why does Rita think Denny doesn’t want her to study?

  16. Act 1 Scene 4 • In this scene we see that Rita is gradually becoming a stronger student. She finally grasps what Forster is talking about . • She is being moulded and changed by Frank. • The language in her essay is not her natural speech, but the voice of a ‘proper student’.

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