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S5 English

S5 English. “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”. Today’s lesson…. Summary and reminder of Act 1. Act 2 Scene 1 Act 2 Scene 2 – the balcony scene. Reminder of Act 1. What’s happened so far?

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S5 English

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  1. S5 English “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

  2. Today’s lesson… • Summary and reminder of Act 1. • Act 2 Scene 1 • Act 2 Scene 2 – the balcony scene.

  3. Reminder of Act 1 • What’s happened so far? • Talk to the person beside you – see if you can come up with a memorable headline for each of the 5 scenes in Act 1. Try to come up with a Shakespeare quote, a broadsheet and a tabloid headline. The first one is done for you. • Example; Act 1 Scene 1 – • “Ancient grudge breaks to new mutiny!” • “Civil unrest in Verona sparks new fear.” • “Romeo’s raunchy romp with Rosaline!”

  4. Prologue • The Chorus gives us an update on the play so far. It reinforces themes that have already appeared. • Romeo has forgotten his infatuation for Rosaline and fallen in-love with Juliet. She returns his love. • Parental influence is an obstacle to their love. • It builds suspense by explaining the problems the lovers face and hinting that there may be a way to overcome them.

  5. Act 2 Scene 1 • Plot Summary The most romantic and least tragic act in the play! Mercutio and Benvolio search for Romeo. Still believing him to be in-love with Rosaline, Mercutio mocks and teases him.

  6. Act 2 Scene 2 • The balcony scene! • Plot summary • Romeo is in the Capulet’s orchard. Overhearing Juliet proclaim her love for him, he steps forward to reveal his presence. She warns him that it is dangerous for him to be there. They exchange vows of love and she tells him to arrange their marriage.

  7. Act 2 Scene 2 Listen to the speeches between Romeo and Juliet. When Romeo speaks, look out for language to do with stars, light and words that refer to something overhead. Note them down in your jotter.

  8. Act 2 Scene 2 • Explain the following quotes; • “Wherefore art thou Romeo?” • “Although I joy in thee/I have no joy of this contract tonight/It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden/Too like the lightning..” • “Parting is such sweet sorrow..”

  9. Scene 3 • Plot Summary • Friar Lawrence is gathering herbs. Romeo enters with a request to conduct a wedding ceremony for him. The friar comments on the fickle nature of men but agrees to marry them, if only because it may lead to a reconciliation between the two feuding families.

  10. Friar Lawrence • What is his role in the play? • Priest • Close friend of Romeo and Juliet • Unknowing servant of fate! • Explain the following quotes; • “Our Romeo hath not been in bed tonight...God pardon sin! Wast thou with Rosaline?” • “Young men’s love then lies/Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.” • “For this alliance may so happy prove/To turn your households’ rancour to pure love.”

  11. Scene 4 • Plot Summary • Mercutio and Benvolio have learnt that Tybalt has sent a challenge to Romeo. When Romeo arrives they make fun of him to go off with his love – Rosaline. The nurse enters and tells Romeo that Juliet loves him. Romeo sends message that Juliet is to come to Friar Lawrence’s cell that afternoon where they will be married.

  12. Scene 4 • “Now art thou sociable, now art thou Romeo” • Romeo and his friends partake in a bawdy conversation, filled with sexual puns and innuendos. It is this side of Romeo that Mercutio claims to be the ‘true’ Romeo – free from the lovesick gloom that occupied him before.

  13. Scene 5 • Plot summary • In the Capulet’s garden, Juliet anxiously awaits the return of the nurse. When she arrives, the nurse delights in keeping her in suspense over Romeo’s message. Eventually, to Juliet’s relief, the nurse reveals what he has said. • “Then hie you hence to Friar Lawrence’s cell/There stays a husband to make you a wife.”

  14. Scene 6 • Plot summary • Romeo awaits Juliet’s arrival at the Friar’s cell. The Friar expresses his misgivings about the suddenness of Romeo’s decision to marry. Juliet arrives and after a loving exchange, they retire with Friar Lawrence to be married. • “These violent delights have violent ends.” • These scenes are dominated by an euphoria of love – the thrilling joy of young romantic love. However, there is also ominous signs of tragedy to come.

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