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  1. How to write responses for informational text- Halloween style! texts Halloween style!!

  2. Do Now: What are examples of informational text you enjoy reading?

  3. Let’s read about famous ghouls of halloween! • Direct Instruction

  4. Write about informational texts using “ACE”

  5. A: Answer the question and offer an opinion in a complete sentence. • This MUST be a definitive, clear answer in the first sentence of your response. • Example: Halloween is originally a celtic holiday that comes from Ireland. What is the “A” in ACE?

  6. C: Cite evidence from the reading selection in order to support your answer. • Evidence may be the form of a quote, a paraphrase (saying it in a different way), or a specific synopsis or summary of the selection. • EXAMPLE: The origins of Halloween stem from the celtic holiday called Samhain. According to the History channel on this day, “people would dress up as ghosts to ward off evil spirits.” What is the “C” of ACE?

  7. E: Explain how your evidence supports your answer/opinion from “A”. • Directly tell the reader how the evidence you just provided proves your answer. • EXAMPLE: When the Irishmen hundreds of years ago desired to ward off evil spirits by disguising themselves as ghosts and leaving food on their doorstep, it is clear that those traditions have led to what is now our version of Halloween. What does the E stand for?

  8. Ms. Kudsi how can I get a four?

  9. F:ind an • O:riginal or • U:nique • R:esponse • F.O.U.R. is important because it makes your writing stand out! • Original ideas and opinions will always score higher than the responses that aren’t well thought out or well-written!

  10. LET’S BLAST!

  11. Why do we celebrate Halloween? How do you know this is the reason? What are the elements of Halloween traditions that come from other places? Why do we wear costumes and go trick-or-treating? What brought the holiday to the United States? • Article I. • • Visual timeline • • Informational Videos- Check out this great media clips from the History Channel! • INDEPENDENT

  12. You will be reading the articles together with your collaborative group. • Everyone will take turns reading aloud. • After every article, you will each write a response using evidence from the text! • Be sure to write in an expository format- as in a way to give information. Collaborative

  13. Happy Halloween! Be safe!