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Kitsap Coordinated Grant Application - 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Kitsap Coordinated Grant Application - 2015

Kitsap Coordinated Grant Application - 2015

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Kitsap Coordinated Grant Application - 2015

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  1. Kitsap Coordinated Grant Application - 2015 Technical Assistance Training May 28, 2014 9am – Noon

  2. Welcome! You are at the Technical Assistance session for the 2015 Coordinated Grant Application Cycle • Housekeeping

  3. Introductions Kitsap County CDBG Staff Bonnie Tufts Shannon Bauman Shirley Rodney City of Bremerton CDBG Staff Marie Vila Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council Staff Kirsten Jewell Around the room

  4. Agenda Overview of Funding Streams Review of On-line Application Application Review and Awards Process Getting Help and Questions

  5. 2015 Coordinated Grant Application – Timeline

  6. Overview of Funding Streams

  7. 2015 Coordinated Grant Application • FEDERAL FUNDS - US Dept. of HUD funds • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) • HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) • LOCAL FUNDS – WA legislation, document recording surcharge • Affordable Housing Grant Program (AHGP) • Homeless Housing Grant Program (HHGP) • Consolidated Homeless Grant Program (CHGP)

  8. Federal – CDBGCommunity Development Block Grant • Benefits low- and very low-income households • Flexible program that addresses a wide-range of unique community development needs. • Funds assist in the development of: • decent housing • creating suitable living environments • expanding economic opportunities primarily for persons of low- and moderate-income.

  9. Federal – HOME HOMEInvestment Partnership Program • Benefits low- and very low-income households • Funds can be used for housing activities, including: • Acquisition • Rehab • Homebuyer assistance • New construction

  10. Federal - Priorities Priority needs and strategies are listed in the 2011-2015 Bremerton-Kitsap Consolidated Plan Five Focus Areas: • Housing • Homeless • Special Needs (non-homeless) • Community Development • Economic Development

  11. Local – AHGPAffordable Housing Grant Program • Benefits households below 50% AMI • Eligible uses, in priority order: • Operations and maintenance of low-income and homeless housing • Acquisition, construction and rehab of affordable housing (below 50% AMI) • Rental assistance (below 50% AMI) • Emergency Shelters • Priority Uses: • Operations and Maintenance; Capital

  12. Local – HHGPHomeless Housing Grant Program • Benefits homeless households • Eligible uses: limited to activities listed in the Kitsap Homeless Housing Plan • Priorities— • Applications demonstrating: Partnering & collaboration, leveraging resources, specific outcomes & metrics, innovation • Grants to balance existing & new programs • Equally weighted: Prevention, Crisis, Stabilization

  13. Local – CHGConsolidated Homeless Grant Funds • Benefits low income households • Eligible uses of the funds include: • Emergency Shelter Operations • Transitional Housing Operations • Emergency Rental Assistance • Homeless programs including case management & program expenses

  14. General Eligible Activities Matrix

  15. Estimated Fund Availability

  16. 2015 Coordinated Grant Application

  17. 2015 Coordinated Grant Application Application is 100% ONLINE Step 1: On or after May 28th go to the Kitsap Coordinated Grant Application website: Step 2: Set up an account Follow the instructions to set up an account. An e-mail will be sent to you from “KCGA Automated Email” to confirm your registration; please click the link in the e-mail to finalize registration. Now log in with your e-mail and password, and follow the instructions. Step 3: Get started! Save your work often! You may save, log out, and resume later where you left off. Multiple members of your agency may contribute at different times to the application.

  18. 2015 Coordinated Grant Application If you need assistance… Technical Assistance: Fluid Review For technical assistance with web-related issues like uploading or downloading files, how to review or print your application, trouble with the site, or other website related troubles. Use the various “Help” links throughout the site, or by calling Fluid Review toll-free at 888-438-3749 Application Assistance: Coordinated Grant Staff If you don’t understand what the application is requesting, how the forms or attachments work, whether your project is eligible, or any other issues related to agency or project information, contact one of us.

  19. 2015 Coordinated Grant Application Instructions and Resources… General Instructions General info about navigating the online application, downloading/uploading, submitting, reviewing and editing. We recommend printing these instructions for easy reference. Application Instructions Question-by-question guidance on answering the questions.We recommend printing these instructions for easy reference. Resources Click here for copies of downloadable forms, census info, links and maps, HUD Area Median Income data, etc. This is a pop-up window, so you can keep it open while you work on the application.

  20. Application

  21. 2015 Coordinated Grant Application • Changes for this year: • Word Limits for narrative responses • Policy document uploads required • Narrative questions edited to elicit a more thorough response. • Added and/or combined a few questions for clarity • Naming convention changed for uploaded forms and documents.

  22. 2015 Coordinated Grant Application • …about the application: • You must complete all questions on a page before you can proceed to the next. • Save your work frequently – use the “Save and Continue Editing” button • Safest method: download instructions and complete all narratives and forms prior to going into Fluid Review. • Less safe: working directly in Fluid Review, using “placeholder” answers, and uploading “temporary files” when the final version is not ready. • Less safe can mean incomplete submissions!

  23. 1. Login Sequence

  24. 1. Login Sequence – new user setup

  25. 1. Login Sequence – application type You must select the type of project you have. This will determine the type of application you will have to complete.

  26. 1. Login Sequence – new user confirmation

  27. 2. New Application – project name Please follow the Project Name naming convention described in the instructions:

  28. 2. New Application

  29. 2. New Application – getting started • Each application has 2 sections: • Applicant Information • Project Information • Click one to start

  30. 2. New Application – resources Each page has links to Instructions and Resources. Read these before you begin the application. Also, Help link will direct you to technical support. Settings link will walk you through password and access settings.

  31. 2. New Application - resources • The Resource page has a link to each application type.. • Find the instructions for your application type • Download • Read entire application before getting started. • Answer the narrative questions in Word and do a word count • Copy and paste to the application when you are satisfied with your answer. Services / O&M

  32. 2. New Application - instructions

  33. 3. Application Completion • Question types: • Simple answer • Yes or No • Consent • Multiple Choice • Narrative • Upload form

  34. 3. Application Completion Geographic Service Area This is really important! This tells us what your target service area is, and may impact eligibility. Use census tracts, and block groups. Ask for staff assistance if needed. Bigger is not necessarily better

  35. 3. Application Completion

  36. 3. Application Completion Upload an Agency form For this question, create your own document (word, PDF, excel) and upload to the application

  37. 3. Application Completion Obtain the form HERE or in Resources Download Form For this question, you will download a form that we provide, complete and save on your computer, then upload saved form to application

  38. 3. Application Completion Save the form somewhere you’ll remember. Use the naming convention provided in the instructions. (don’t use last year’s forms )

  39. 3. Application Completion When you’re ready to upload the completed form, hit “Browse”, find the file where you saved it on your computer, then select and open to upload (or double-click)

  40. 3. Application Completion After you’ve uploaded a form to the application and saved your work, you can see the name of the form. If you’ve uploaded a form that is a DRAFT, please name it as such so you don’t forget to replace it with the final version.

  41. 3. Application Completion – finishing up If you’ve skipped a question, you will see this error message, You will not be able to proceed to the next page until you complete it.

  42. 3. Application Completion – finishing up Use “Save and Continue Editing” while working on a page Use “Next” and “Back” to navigate between pages—but always SAVE first! Use “Save and Exit” when you’ve completed the last page.

  43. 3. Application Completion – finishing up After you’ve hit Exit, you’ll be back at your main application page. Applicant Information is now “Complete” YAY!! Proceed to the next incomplete application section.

  44. 3. Application Completion – finishing up When you’re all finished, hit the “Submit Application” button

  45. 3. Application Completion – finishing up You WILL be able to make changes to your application up until the application due date.

  46. 3. Application Completion – finishing up Make sure you see “Complete” for each application section, and for Submit Application.

  47. 4. Forms Go to Forms.doc

  48. Review and Awards Process

  49. Review & Award Process 1. Eligibility Review: • Is submission from an eligible applicant? • Is it an eligible activity? • Does it serve the funding source’s target population? • Does the project meet the funding source’s priorities?

  50. Review & Award Process 2. Completeness Review: Online application will perform a completeness check prior to submission, however, other factors may disqualify your application: • Agency must attend mandatory Technical Assistance meeting • Application must be submitted by Noon, July 1, 2014 • Application is submitted with incomplete or badly completed sections or forms