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New Orleans Museum of Art: Post-Katrina PowerPoint Presentation
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New Orleans Museum of Art: Post-Katrina

New Orleans Museum of Art: Post-Katrina

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New Orleans Museum of Art: Post-Katrina

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  1. New Orleans Museum of Art:Post-Katrina Presented by Michele Amicucci

  2. New Orleans Museum of Art • Established in 1911 • Original mission statement from 1911: “A temple of art for rich and poor alike” • Collection is housed in a Beaux Arts neoclassical building • Museum also has a 5 acre sculpture garden

  3. NOMA’s Collection • Includes works by artists such as O’Keefe, Pollock, Renoir, Picasso, and Indiana

  4. Hurricane Katrina

  5. Six staff members and their families camped out inside the museum to protect the artwork • They were ordered to evacuate the museum by the National Guard on the sixth day

  6. The Damage • Minor flooding on the art storage floor • Sculpture garden suffered much more damage than the museum building itself • Total of 6 million dollars in damages

  7. Importance of a Risk Management Team • Develop formal approach to the unexpected • Vital to train the staff to be more efficient • Risk management team should meet with the Board to keep all procedures and policies up-to-date • Risk management should meet with security and building maintenance

  8. Preparing for a Disaster • Keep important records or artwork off the ground and away from windows and roofs • Telephone tree (electrical, water, gas, other employees) • Secure the building (boarding or taping up the windows)

  9. Planning: Collections Managers/Registrars • Keep up-to-date inventories of the collection and locations • Available records and backup off site • Make sure to always have objects and artwork properly stored

  10. Steps Taken by NOMA • Before the storm, staff boarded and taped up windows • Took paintings off the wall that were near windows • Stored work in the basement in wooden crates • Brought in some outdoor sculpture and tied some to trees

  11. After the Storm… • NOMA decided to waive admission free to Louisiana residents • March 3rd- NOMA reopened for Friday-Sunday • Now opened Wednesday- Sunday

  12. The Board has launched a three year campaign to stabilize NOMA • Director, John Bullard, toured the US speaking to other museums about the experience and attempting to raise money

  13. Support in the Community • Mellon Foundation: $500,000 • Getty Trust: gave one million to art and history museums in New Orleans • Government of France: organized exhibition, “Femmes, Femmes, Femmes: Paintings of Women in the 19th Century French Society…” for NOMA

  14. Provided an outlet for the artists of New Orleans to show the ravaged town around them Served as an outreach to those outside the area for support and donations “Katrina Exposed”

  15. THANK YOU!