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  1. The Pine Park Mystery Vocabulary

  2. About the Book Author:Tracy West Illustrated byMary GrandPre The ________ writes the stories. author illustrator The __________ draws the pictures. Summary:It is a sunny day in Pine Park and the people of the town are out enjoying it. Suddenly things begin disappearing. They soon find out why!

  3. Genre –It is a play. A play is a story that can be acted out. Look for: Words that tell the characters’ actions and feelings. A plot divided into scenes.

  4. Tracy West As a child, Tracey West loved reading so much that she decided she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Tracey West studied journalism at college. She has been a newspaper reporter and a book editor. She likes to collect comic books, grow herbs, and walk in the woods. Now she lives outside of New York City with her husband, her dog, Tisha, and her cat, Elvira. "Reading has been one of my favorite things to do since second grade."

  5. Vocabulary

  6. caused - made something happen The rain caused puddles.

  7. clasp is a small hook that holds parts together. The clasp on this bracelet is broken.

  8. confused - to be uncertain or unclear about something Bob was very confused when he tried to teach himself to speak German.

  9. cornered - to get a person or an animal into a situation or position that is a trap Max Sam had Max cornered behind the door. Sam

  10. objects - things that you can see and touch but are not alive The objects in this picture are very old Indian weapons.

  11. removes - takes away Lorie removes the dirt from Daisy with the water hose.

  12. typical - normal or usual for a kind of thing Alligators are NOT typicalpets to have.

  13. Vocabulary Review • Say the words. • Read the sentence. • Fill in the blank.

  14. It is _______ for Dad to watch football on Sunday afternoons. confused cornered objects typical clasp caused removes

  15. Simba was ________ by the mean hyenas. cornered removes caused confused objects typical clasp

  16. The smart bird could lift the _____ on his cage and fly free. confused cornered clasp objects removes typical caused

  17. The glue _________ the pictures to stick to the paper. clasp objects typical cornered caused confused removes

  18. The monkey was __________ when the wind blew his cap away. caused confused typical clasp objects cornered removes

  19. My teacher _________ children from the classroom who refuse to do their work. objects confused caused cornered clasp typical removes

  20. How many _________ do you see in this picture? typical clasp caused cornered confused objects removes

  21. Match the Meaning to the Word. • - a small hook that holds parts together • -to be uncertain or unclear about something • -to get a person or an animal into situation or position that is a trap • -things that you can see and touch but are not alive • - takes away • - normal or usual for a kind of thing • - made something happen G • caused ___ • confused ___ • typical__ • clasp ___ • objects ___ • cornered___ • removes ___ B F A D C E

  22. WEBSITES • Building Background • Reading Skills • Test Tutor • Other Activities • Backyard Birds • All About Birds • Bird Printouts (click link to printouts) • Video:  Mynah Bird • Kid's Mysteries • Online Quiz • Bird's Nests • Edible Bird's Nests • Helping Birds Build A Nest • Matching Words

  23. More Websites • Prefixes games!: • Game 1: Prefix Builder • Game 2: Prefix Catch • Game 3: Constructing Prefixes (matching) • Game 4: Prefix and Suffix Machine! • Prefixes at Work • The Pine Park Mystery Kids' Page

  24. The End Tweaked by Anne Miller