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LA — Michelle obama PowerPoint Presentation
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LA — Michelle obama

LA — Michelle obama

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LA — Michelle obama

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  1. Weeds and Roses LA—Michelle obama

  2. I am SO impressed!! • These are the best 1st set of LA I’ve seen!! KUDOS! • Baby things to address • You are going to rock tomorrow’s essay—prepare by looking over your resources: • Organization list • 90/90 terms • Syntax terms • Purpose list You may use all these resources tomorrow, but it’s better to be familiar with them

  3. Weed #1—Are You Friends?? • Do you take tea with Michelle? • Play golf with B-Rock? • Help their daughters with their pre-algebra?? If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, THEN… YOU MAY NOT CALL THESE PEOPLE BY THEIR FIRST NAME—EVER!!

  4. Weed #1—Are You Friends?? • This is true of all authors, politicians, etc. • I know, I know… Michelle made you do it • What other monikers could you use?

  5. Weed #2: Purpose vs. How • Consider The First Lady’s primary purpose: • Where is she speaking? • What is her ultimate agenda? • What is the end-goal of the speech? • Don’t confuse this with how she achieves this.

  6. Weed #2: Purpose vs. How Let’s fix these: • “Michelle Obama’s purpose is to reassure America that Obama is trustworthy and put them and their needs first.” • “Michelle Obama expresses how her husband, President Barack Obama, has the same values and ideals as the average American citizen.”

  7. Nailed Purpose: • “Michelle Obama uses rhetorical strategies to convince the public that Barack Obama is the ideal President because of his “American Spirit” and “dedication.” • “Michelle Obama convinces her audience that Barack Obama is the best leader for America.”

  8. Weed #3: Dig Deeper • How does Oprah do it???? Keep asking yourself “How?” “Why?” “How?” until you are weeping

  9. Let’s Practice: • M.O. employs polysyndenton to convince the American public that B.O. is the ideal president. She uses p. when she says, “he wants everyone in this country to have the same opportunity, no matter who we are, or where we’re from, or what…” The conjunction before each phrase sets each idea apart and suggests that he believes each of these phrases is of equal importance. One is not more important than another. The extra conjunctions emphasize that he does not value “who we are” over “where we’re from.” the overuse of conjunctions illustrates that BO values equal opportunities for all Americans. MO also characterizes BO using polysyndeton when she states…