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CSO Boot Camp PowerPoint Presentation
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CSO Boot Camp

CSO Boot Camp

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CSO Boot Camp

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  1. CSO Boot Camp Your Drill Sergeants: Sam and Tracy

  2. Session Starters • Please silence your cell phones • When asking questions please clearly state your name and where you are from • Try to hold questions for Question Breaks • A link where you can download the PowerPoints will be available after the conference for review, but take notes! • Sit back, relax and let’s have some fun

  3. Get ready to learn about: • Admin Homepage and Logging In • Navigating the Site • Creating a New Record • Student Registration • Approving New Records • Searching Records • Mass Email • Contacting Support

  4. Your Admin Home Page This is your menu bar, which will allow you to navigate around your site. Here is your account summary, and our CSO Support contact information. Upcoming events will show you the next 5 events to take place over the next 7 days. This is your task list, which will show you various open tasks, like events with outstanding payments due. This is your left hand navigation bar, where you will access things like your calendar, quick search, and pending bin. Some of these options, like the Pending Bin, Last Viewed and Quick Links, expand to show you more options.

  5. Navigating Interfase Most of your navigation in Interfase will be done using the Menu bar at the top of your screen. - Home: View the Admin Home Page - My Profile: View and Edit your Admin profile - Databases: View or Create New records in your site - Tools: Make system changes - Help: View the CSO Support Page - Sign Out: Log out of the site

  6. Navigating Interfase Databases/Tools Menus and Submenus: The Databases menu allows you to do many things with the records that are in your site. You can search, view pending only, or create a new record all using the submenus found here. The Tools menu is another menu that has a lot of submenus that will be heavily used. If you are ever making any setup changes in your site you will be using one of the submenus pictured here.

  7. Navigating Interfase Quick Navigation Using the Left Navigation Menu Quick Search: Allows you to quickly find student, contact, and job profiles Last Viewed: Shows you the most recent records you have viewed Quick Links: access saved searches, reports and observations with very few clicks.

  8. Question Break

  9. Creating New Records The most common method of creating new records is from the Databases menu.

  10. New Record Shortcuts! Employer Profile : Create a new contact or job Schedule Profile : Create a new job or info session Contact Profile : Create a new job Databases > Jobs > New: Create a new employer or contact

  11. Student Registration Student Self Registration Student Uploads With student self registration you may enable your Firewall or require Admin approval With Student Uploads you may run either a Basic or Custom Student Upload *note: student uploads are not available in all sites

  12. Approving Records All records requiring approval can be found in your Pending Bin From the Pending Bin you can access and then approve records!

  13. Another Question Break

  14. Actions with Search Results Search result shortcuts Create and shareresume packets! Send Mass Emails!

  15. Mass Emailing From your Tools menu you can mass email Student, Contact, Faculty, and Mentor users Your Email and Query Type willdepend on what users you want to email Use criteria to specify which users’ should receive this email

  16. How to Contact Support From your Help menu From your Home Page From our Support page

  17. Online Resources Also accessible from your Help menu Don’t forget the FAQ Page, Tutorials and Webinars

  18. Questions? Do you have questions? We have answers!

  19. Thanks for Attending! If you have any questions please contact the Support Team or your CRM! Join us at 6:00 pm for the Welcome Reception downstairs on the patio.