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Reusable Component Services RCS PowerPoint Presentation
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Reusable Component Services RCS

Reusable Component Services RCS

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Reusable Component Services RCS

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  1. Reusable Component Services RCS Demo to 02/27/2013 John Harman, Lico Galindo,

  2. Part of the System of Registries

  3. Purpose of RCS Catalog or Registry of IT components, services and tools of interest to EPA, Exchange Network partners, States, Tribes, developers, and others Provides a single interface by which users can search for existing IT assets Leverages and maximizes investments by reducing redundant development Includes asset types such as XML schema, widget tools, Web services, software tools, databases, programming code, data models, and others. Systems and applications that take advantage of RCS can be developed more quickly, at a higher quality, and at a lower cost Adds meaning and value by showing relationships among assets and classifying them in taxonomies Goal is to become the agency hub for applications, services and data

  4. Principles • No redundant registration or entry • Owner decides level of sharing • Many metadata attributes, few mandatory • Registration in any phase of the development life cycle • Re-use may occur at many levels, including: • Full re-use • Modification of existing asset • Ideas, Best practices, lessons learned

  5. Current Status In production since Summer 2010 – Public and partner interfaces Many Web services, widgets and other EPA assets loaded 800+ XML schema and schema components loaded from the Exchange Network Automatic harvesting from READ (systems and ORD models) – Systems, models Automatic harvesting from the Environmental Dataset Gateway (EDG) - datasets Automatic harvesting from the Exchange Network Discovery Service (ENDS) and the Exchange Network website – Dataflows and web services Future automatic harvesting from DERS (Data Element Data Registry) – Data Dictionaries, Code Sets Future interface with tool for Agency Canonical Model Future interface with Schema workbench for easier dataflow creation

  6. Current Activities Reaching out to EPA Program Offices and Regional Offices, States and other partners New asset types, including mobile apps, linked datasets. Working with Program Offices and OARM to work RCS into contract language Looking to make RCS part of CPIC and ADC process Establishing governance, workflow and quality processes Demonstrating new easier, faster and more powerful search interface Showing RCS widget in Developers Dashboard and other agency web pages Starting to explore federation or connections with other agencies

  7. RCS Physical Connections New EN Development New EPA Development EN Web pages EPA web pages Public mobile apps EN Grants Developer Central EDG EA SOA Web services RCS DERS ENDS READ EDG EN Asset Stewards Data Dictionaries EN services Systems Datasets Data Exchanges APIs Data Models Code databases Web Services S/W Tools

  8. RCS Logical Connections System Related to Web service generates Part of Software Tool Dataset Used for Widget tool uses structure meaning Data Dictionary XML Schema Mobile Tool Commercial Tool Included in Data Model

  9. RCS Demo DEMO