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The Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games
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The Olympic Games

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  1. The Olympic Games Chapter 11 Section 1

  2. The Olympic Games A. First games held in 776 BCE at Olympia, Greece B. Held every 4 years- a 4 year period of time is called an Olympiad

  3. The Olympics started as a 5 day summer festival to honor the God Zeus

  4. D. All wars, battles, etc. stopped during the Olympics

  5. Only men competed- women were not even allowed to watch! 1. Punishment for watching = thrown over a cliff 2. There was a separate Olympics for women

  6. Each athlete swore to Zeus to honor the rules of the game 1. Punishment for breaking the rules = fined

  7. 2. Statues were made of the cheaters and put on display at the Olympics so people could mock them

  8. Question 2/2 Why is it more important to simply take part in the Olympics rather than win?

  9. Events that happened during the five days at the Olympics: 1. Day One- sacrifices to Zeus (bulls)

  10. Day Two a. Chariot races- horse drawn cart 1.) held at Hippodrome- oval track 2.) 9 mile race

  11. b. Pentathlon 1.) Best overall athlete in 5 events 2.) Events were running, jumping, discus throw (9 pounds), wrestling, and javelin throw

  12. Day Three- more sacrifices • Day Four- a. Foot races- ran barefoot

  13. Wrestling • Boxing- hands covered in leather straps with metal studs

  14. Pancratium 1.)Free-for-all-fight 2.) NO biting or eye-gouging!

  15. Day Five a. Champions receive Olive Wreaths and have a big banquet

  16. Some winners were honored for life- others given free meals for a year

  17. The ancient Olympics stopped being held in 394 AD a. This was because Rome had taken over and b. Roman emperor felt the games were pagan and not Christian

  18. In 1896 AD the Olympic Gameswere restarted a. 311 men competed b. Came from 13 countries c. Still happened every 4 years

  19. J. In 1900, women were allowed to compete K. In 1924, first Winter Olympics were held

  20. L. In 1992, it was the last year both the winter and summer Olympics were in the same year; they are now every two years

  21. 1994- winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway 1996- summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA 1998- winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan 2000- summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia 2002- winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah 2004- summer Olympics in Athens, Greece- 10,500 athletes from 201 countries!

  22. 2006- winter Olympics in Torino, Italy 2008- summer Olympics in Beijing, China 2010- winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada 2012- summer Olympics in London, England

  23. Olympic motto- “Citius, Altius, Fortius” meaning “Faster, higher, braver”

  24. N. Olympic flag- white background, five interlaced rings- blue, red, black, green, and yellow

  25. O. Olympic flame- lit at Olympia, Greece, then carried to present site of Olympics

  26. Olympic Creed- “The most important thing is to take part, NOT WIN! The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.” "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

  27. Some modern day events: Summer Winter Aquatics Bobsleigh Badminton Curling Baseball, canoe Ice hockey Basketball Luge Gymnastics Skating Tennis, Triathlon Skiing