so what s going on today n.
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So, what’s going on today??? PowerPoint Presentation
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So, what’s going on today???

So, what’s going on today???

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So, what’s going on today???

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  1. So, what’s going on today??? • China • Terrorism • The “Arab Spring” • Africa • 21st century technology - cultural diffusion, and the environment • Drug and slave trades • WMDs

  2. 1 “Arab Spring” – reform movement starting in 2011- Spreads across Middle East, targeting autocratic govt’s- Egypt and Libya’s long time dictators fall; 3 + year long civil war in Syria starts- Social media plays a huge role in organizing - spreading to Turkey today???

  3. Terrorism- on the rise since the 1980’s; Islamic terror groups get highest profile in the west, but there are many others-Al Qaeda forms during the Soviet war in Afghanistan in 80’s- bin Laden had beef over western culture, US influence in the Middle East, and over Israel - 9/11 attacks biggest, but not only attack on US and west- most victims of Al Qaeda / Islamic terror attacks are other Muslims 2

  4. Muslim are greatest number of victims of terror attacks • No country has suffered more terror deaths in last 15 years than Iraq 3

  5. Iraq- Saddam Hussein ruled from 1979 to 2003- brutalized own people, attacked neighbors in Iran and Kuwait- US invasion under President George W Bush in 2003 ousts Hussein- country divided by Shia and Sunni Muslims, and by ethnic groups (Kurds)- religious and political divisions and 10 years of fighting make it hard for a united government to keep order; Baghdad is not the “City of Peace” it used to be…- while in Iraq, US still at war in Afghanistan 4

  6. 5 Afghanistan- after Soviets leave in 1989, civil war follows- Taliban take over and try to make a reactionary-Islamic society- bin Laden and Al-Qaeda given safe haven here- US invasion in 2001 ousts Taliban; they flee to Afghan / Pakistan border and team up with Al-Qaeda units- much of country in a feudal state (drugs fuels)- bin Laden caught andkilled in Pakistan- many eyes on Pakistan because it has nukes

  7. WMDs- nukes; chemical; biological- concerns over North Korea having nukes- concerns over Iran getting nukes - peaceful vs weapons-grade nuclear material- Israel says it doesn’t have (but it does…) 6

  8. Israel 7 Forms in 1948 beefs between Israelis and Palestinians spills over into beefs with neighbors fights over who controls holy sites in Jerusalem beefs over spreading Israeli settlements in Palestinian areas West Bank and Gaza Strip – ever to be independent? terrorism and militarism – an ugly cycle continues…

  9. China 8 1949 communist revolution led by Mao Korean War; beef with US “Great Leap Forward” / “Cultural Revolution” hold China back Deng Xiao-ping leads reforms that lets free market changes in; keeps autocratic rule protests on 1989 crushed booming economy, but at what costs? (environment / future beefs???

  10. Climate Change 9 Buildup of greenhouse gases raising global temperatures and changing environments rising ocean levels invading freshwater reserves of millions today more varied, intense weather patterns bringing drought to some, too much rain to others by 2050, global temps could be as much as 4 degrees higher GOOD LUCK YOUNGINS!!!!

  11. Africa 10 Already feeling effects of climate change still feeling after- effects of Cold War (Somalia in civil war since the 1980’s) still feeling effects of imperialism (nations divided by tribes - Rwanda) AIDS / malaria / tuberculosis kill millions every year political instability and poverty breeds drug and slave trades

  12. 21st century slavery; drug trade Nearly 30 million people today locked in the labor / soldier / sex slave trade takes advantage of poorer / feudal areas of the world slave trade with ties to drug trade $20 billion a year drug trade (in US alone…); fuels illegal gun trade Mexican / Colombian / Afghan / Somalian politics and society devastated by the effects (to name a few…) 11

  13. Globalization 12 - cultural diffusion, on steroids International trade exchanges cultural ideas – 21st century technology makes it happen faster and farther The internet revolutionizes trade, information, entertainment, societies see “Arab Spring” for an example (hey… did we go in a circle???)