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Product Presentation

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  1. Product Presentation

  2. About Voxtron • Voxtron (1994) is an international group specialized in Contact Center software, based on a very strong IVR background. Voxtron is headquartered in Belgium, with offices in Germany, The Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai, … • Voxtron’s goal is to make the communication between companies and their customers both efficient and agreeable. The way incoming calls, faxes and e-mails are handled is crucial in creating a professional company image.

  3. PBX independent • Integration out of the box with more than 150 different PBXs • Monitor phones (3rd party TAPI), transfer calls, activate message waiting indicator, receive call information (CLIP, DID, redirecting number,…) • Universal ways to connect: • Analogue lines • Digital lines (BRI, PRI): Q.SIG, Euro ISDN… • VoiP (H.323, SIP): RTP, H.450…

  4. What can agenTel MEAN for you? • Prevent customer contacts from getting lost • Transfer calls, faxes and emails immediately to the right person (that is available!) • Improve the relationship with your customers • Who is calling? Integrate with your (CRM) software. • Launch outbound campaigns to get feedback of customers • Get new customers • Launch outbound campaigns to potential new customers • Make your life easier • Handle calls automatically with the built-in IVR • Control your telephone with the built-in softphone • Send faxes without leaving your office • Get an insight in your contacts • Know what is going on in realtime • See what your people are doing • Extract statistical reports

  5. What can agenTel DO for you?Routing & Statistics • AgenTel intelligentlyroutes your incoming • calls • e-mails • faxes • AgenTel includes statistics software that enables you to … • … get reports that… • … give you a clear view… • … of your agents and contacts

  6. What can agenTel DO for you?Campaigns • AgenTel can import a list of contacts and call them automatically when agents are available to handle the call • Calls, emails, faxes and campaigns happen at the same time: count on agenTel to keep track of them!

  7. What can agenTel DO for you?Client & Integration • AgenTel includes client software that • Enables you to send faxes right from your computer • Control your phone from your computer • Displays “pop-up” on your computer of who’s calling, e-mailing, faxing, … • “See” your colleagues and what they are doing • “See” the customer contacts that are waiting • AgenTel can be integrated into your infrastructure • use your existing (customer) data • use your existing CRM software

  8. How does agenTel route contacts? • Skill-based routing • Assign skills to the contact … • emails: based on the body, subject, from, to… • Calls: DID, CLIP, IVR asks questions • Faxes: fax number, sender ID… • Campaign calls: general skills, contact dependent skills (csv) • … route the contact to the agent most closely matching the required skills. • Agent-based routing • Longest waiting agent • Agent with smallest load • Agents to which the caller spoke the last time • Time-based routing • A contact gets more important the longer it has to wait

  9. Understanding agenTel

  10. AgenTel’s IVRWhat does it do? • AgenTel’s IVR is responsible for • Answering the calls • Assigning skills, priority and data (for integration) • Deciding if the call has to go to an agent • Transferring the call to the most appropriate agent • Receiving and sending faxes • Making calls for campaigns • If connected, transfer the campaign call to an agent • Based on Voxtron’s Axxium technology also used to implement e.g. phone banking systems! • Extremely powerful, advanced features include • Speech recognition • Text-to-speech • 3rd party integrations (TCP/IP, XML, HTTP,…) • Includes pre-recorded voice prompts in over 20 languages

  11. AgenTel’s IVRGUI • A Graphical development tool allows you to create your dialog without any programming. • You design the call flow just by drawing it. • Great flexibility: you can make (small) changes yourself. • Only 12 icons allow you to make any application.

  12. AgenTel’s IVREasy to use icons Play messages, variables, concatenated speech Ask DTMF input, build menus Perform different actions on time of day, date, holidays, … Record message over the phone Ask user which language to speak, set call flow language Transfer calls Fax on demand Interface to any ODBC-compliant database (add,update,…) Manage voicemail boxes: record and listen to messages Perform calculations on variables End the current call Use Axxium Plug-Ins to offer advanced functionalities.

  13. AgenTel’s IVROptimal use of channels • Faxes, incoming and outgoing calls (campaigns) all use the same telephony connection to the PBXoptimal usage of your communication channels

  14. AgenTel’s E-mail RoutingOverview • Assign skills, priority and data (for integration) to an e-mail message using • E-mail rule wizard, based on subject, to, from… • PERL based scripting (for advanced users) • Discard e-mail messages • Forward the e-mail message to the most appropriate agent • Manipulate the e-mail addresses so that the agent’s personal e-mail address is never visible from the outside • Detect reply of agent and put agent FREE again (after wrap-up) • Agent replies with his/her ‘normal’ e-mail client!

  15. AgenTel’s E-mail RoutingConfiguration & Rules

  16. Configure: Users Skills Contact codes Groups Pause reasons AgenTel’s administrationOverview

  17. AgenTel’s administrationSkills • Unlimited number of skills • Skill importance: the importance of the skill with respect to the other skills. • Mandatory skills • Contact can only go to an agent having this skill • Mandatoryness can expire after certain time • Examples of skills:the knowledge of a certain product, language, commercial feeling, etc...

  18. AgenTel’s administrationAgents • Each agent has a user name, password, first name… • Assign skills to agent with agent-dependent skill knowledge • Wrap-up time individually configurable per agent (%) • Disable free seating continously monitored agents • Assign agent to group(s) • Define which agents the agent sees in his/her agent monitor • Define agent’s interactions.Is agent allowed to handle incoming calls or emails? • Yes/No • Agent can choose at login • Define agent permissions regarding sensitive info • …

  19. AgenTel’s administrationGroups • Assign name to group • Assign skills to group • Assign agents to group • Assign skills to agents by placing them in group(s) • Agents inherit skills of the groups they belong to • Keep it simple, no groups in groups

  20. AgenTel’s administrationContact Codes • Yes/no markers useful for statistical purposes • Representation in a “tree” • Mandatory contact codes: possibility to configure that at least one contact code must be assigned by the agent

  21. AgenTel’s administrationPause reasons • Define up to 10 different pause reasons • Default pause reason : used for “automatic on pause (when agent’s keyboard or mouse not moved for certain period, or when screen saver is launched)

  22. AgenTel ClientLogin • Two step login • Step 1 : • Agent can select language • Agent enters user name and password • Step 2 : • Agent selects what contact types to handle (calls, emails, faxes…) • If free seating is allowed: agent enters extension • Agent can select initial status • PC-less agents are also supported: • login by team leader • login via the phone (IVR)

  23. AgenTel ClientMinimal desktop use • Keep your desktop free for your “real work” • Minimize to system tray • System tray popup messages • PIN buttons for WM & AM

  24. AgenTel ClientF11 quick dial Automatically dial any phone number out of any application by selecting it and pressing F11

  25. Main window Agent monitor Waiting monitor AgenTel ClientMaximized

  26. AgenTel ClientMain window Campaign Center Fax Center Soft phone (active TAPI) : control your phone via your computer Each contact displayed in tab Contact information & notes contact codes

  27. AgenTel ClientAgent monitor • “See” the other agents and what they are doing • PIN the agent monitor to your desktop ≈ busy lamp field • The team leader can log off/log on/pause an agent remotely

  28. AgenTel ClientWaiting monitor • “See” the contacts that are waiting • The team leader can direct waiting contact to a particular agent • Highlight calls in waiting monitor that require a mandatory skill not present in the CC (with suggestion of agents who possess this skill)

  29. Agent ClientFAX Center, search

  30. Agent ClientFAX Center, viewing a fax

  31. Agent ClientCampaign Center, overview Only visible for team leaders and administrators

  32. Agent ClientCampaign Center, add campaign (properties)

  33. Agent ClientCampaign Center, add campaign (csv import)

  34. AgenTel ClientDifferent contact types

  35. AgenTel ClientPopup direct call

  36. AgenTel ClientPopup email

  37. AgenTel ClientPopup campaign call

  38. AgenTel ClientPopup FAX View the fax inside the agent client!

  39. AgenTel ClientSending of faxes

  40. AgenTel Client, automatic update

  41. AgenTel Client, Microsoft Outlook integration • Search in your (shared) contacts • Add new contact if not found • Add to your journal

  42. AgenTel’s statisticsFeatures • Accessible by team leaders and administrators • Real-time statistics • Export to .csv file (import in e.g. MS Excel) or .html file • Schedule statistics • Send via email (HTML + *.csv) • Save to a folder • A lot of customizable reports, divided in 6 categories: • emails, calls, faxes, campaigns • Skill reports (per skill and per time interval) • Agent reports (per agent and per time interval) • Contact code reports (per contact code and per time interval) • General reports (per time interval) • Custom reports • Agents • Logon reports

  43. AgenTel’s statisticsGUI

  44. AgenTel’s statisticsE-mailed to you

  45. AgenTel’s wallboard • Highly customizable • Parameters per skill e.g. calls waiting for English • LAN wallboard (viewed in web browser) and LED wallboard • Define thresholds to highlight parameters when they go out of a predefined range • Different wallboards for team leader, agent…

  46. Integrating agenTel in your (existing) IT infrastructure • Integrate on IVR  Axxium Plug-In components • Integrate with the standard agentsoftware agenTel Client SDK (Free) • TCP/IP XML • COM • HTML • Toolbar • Server SDK (Free) • Custom statistics • Custom wallboard • Replace the standard agent software with your own  Agentel Partner Program (payable)

  47. AgenTel is extremely flexible Webpages viewed insidetheagentclient

  48. Warm stand-by Hot stand-by 2 synced servers cluster • Both servers are running and constantly synchronized • Lose the last hour of your data (statistics, emails, faxes) • ± 5 minutes downtime when switching • Requires a reliable and fast network • 99.99% uptime (HW) • Both servers are running and data is kept central • No loss of data • ± 1 minute downtime when switching • Requires Win2003 domain • 99.999% uptime (HW) The 3 levels of high availability Cold stand-by Single server with regular backups • Standby machine is switched off • Regular backups are taken from active machine • On failure, active machine is replaced by standby machine and latest backup is restored

  49. License modelOverview All licenses are concurrent • # IVR ports • # Office client license (mandatory per agent): • Possibility to login, active TAPI toolbar • Usage of waiting monitor • Usage of agent monitor • Popup for direct calls (pure CTI) • Fax license: send/receive faxes • # Inbound call licenses • # Outbound campaign licenses • # Email licenses • # Continuously monitored extension licenses