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  1. Product Presentation 梁欣婷 20090206002 林玉婷 20090206027

  2. As a new comer in job market, what is a Must to increase your Charm? Answer: BB cream

  3. What are the factors when considering buying a bb cream Too oil, can easily dissolve Too white, not natural enough ? Good block effect but poor moisturizing effect Good moisturizing effect but poor block effect

  4. These can be solved by

  5. Introduction about M perfect B.B.cream • Product description • Feature • How to use it • Sales performance in China

  6. Description Description • M perfect B.B.cream, produced by Missha– a Korean-based cosmetic company, is the NO.1 B.B. cream among all the brands. • The World Best Seller BB Cream specialized 3-in-1 BB cream with excellent covering plus UV screening, whitening and wrinkle care effect

  7. Feature – Multi Function BB Cream • Perfect Coverage • It covers blemishes effectively while making the skin looks natural and splendid with smooth texture and finish. • Hydrating on your skin • It keeps the skin comfortable and moisturized with moisturizing ingredient of hyaluronic acid and ceramide, preventing aging process. • Excellent Screening Effect • it prevents you from the harm of radiation, ashes and UV.

  8. Feature – natural ingredient • Camomile(洋甘菊) ExtractIt has anti inflammation and soothing effect, also helps to restoration of skin cell and weakens allergic reaction. • Rosemary(迷迭香) ExtractIt prevents from skin aging with calming, soothing, anti fungal(抗菌的) and anti oxidization. • Ceramide(神经酰胺)It is a main ingredient which consists of stratum coreneum and keeps the skin moisturized with moisture holding effect.

  9. Feature – natural ingredient • Hyaluronic Acid(透明质酸)It is one of NMF(natural moisturizing factor) ingredients which is made by the latest BIO technology. It protects skin from irritations or bacteria and keeps the skin moist while creating thin and transparent barrier on the epidermis(上皮). • Gatuline RCIt is extracted from beech bud, promotes metabolism and holding energy effect, so that it is effective for firming and moisturizing effects.

  10. How to use it • After basic skin care use BB Boomer or make up base to make even surface • Apply appropriate amount of BB Cream and Pat lightly to absorb • It creates water glossy makeup while lightly finish with powder pact

  11. Thank you