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  1. Product Presentation Products that make your telecom systems perform Better

  2. Company Background • Dees has been providing CPE products for the past 25 years. We’re proud that many of our products have become industry standards.Our reputation has been built on quality service and a quality products. We’ve built our company on providing fast courtesy service from order input to shipping and back it up with a no nonsense warranty.

  3. Dees SolutionsWhen your clients says: • Ringing • Monitoring • Call Recording • Phone use during an emergency • Centrex Think DEES

  4. Products Recording interfaces Powerfail Transfer Service Observing/ Live Monitoring Remote Access Applications MDC Centrex Enhancements Recording Solutions Loud Ringers & Matrices Power Supplies

  5. Loud Ringersmodels 196 & 198 • Application:Noisy environments, lots, manufacturing, computer rooms, warehouses, etc. • Features:196 is C.O. line powered, 110dba dual tone output, volume adjust switch, outdoor/indoor use, e/w modular cord. 198 has same output but requires 24vdc & contact closure to operate & weatherized for indoor/outdooruse. • Benefits: Small size for output, flexible use.

  6. Ringing Matricesmodels 173 & 175 • Applications:Tying multiple C.O. lines together to ring one common audible device.Features:The 173 will handle 3 C.O. lines and the 175 will handle 7 C.O. lines. No external power is required and a dry set of relay contacts are available.Installation:No additional eq. Required, units are self-contained.

  7. Powerfail Unitsmodel 154 • Application: Provides access to 8 C.O. lines for inbound & outbound calling during power outages and system failures.Features: Compatible with ground & loop start lines, idle line restoral , local, remote or auto sensing activation, unit is expandable.Benefits: External to system, wall mount w/connectorized cable.

  8. Service Observation Unitsmodels CM-10, CM-30 & CMX-300 • Application:Live monitoring of telephoneactivities, i.e. training, quality evaluations. • Features: Stealth monitoring, talk assist, tone alert option, optional power supplyprovided, compatible with most KSU, PABX and Centrex Service. • Benefits: Cost effective compared to costly QA monitoring software, easy installation (45 min).

  9. MDC Centrex • Market: MDC, Meridian Digital Centrex. The typical users of this service are universities, banks, state & federal government offices and in general fortune 1000 companies.Operating environment: Northern Telecom (Nortel) environments; DMS-100 based Meridian Digital Centrex service. The DMS-100 service is called by different names depending upon the operating company offering the service I.e. Essex, Centranet, Itellipath II, Plexar, Centrex Plus are a few names.

  10. Application: Answering machines, modems, extension phones, dialers, secure phones, and analog telephony device can be connected.Features: Configurable for multiple line answering and outbound calls line selection.Benefits: Eliminates need for analog lines in an MDC system, allowing for user customized features. CTA-369centrex terminal adapter

  11. Application: Common audible ringing on MDC lines, distinctive ringing per set, incoming call alert ringing.Features: Configurable for common audible line grouping, second call alert tone, loudness and distinctive tone output.Benefits: Provides complete customized functions. DSI-375digital custom ringer

  12. Application: Loop extension of P-Phone lines thatare 15kft or longer or have a loss of 21db.Features: Provides 70% increase in operating range of MBS Terminals, from 15kft to 26kft, compatible with all metallic loops. Provides gain in the 8kgz signaling band as well as the voice band.Benefits: Alternatives are very expensive, units mount in C.O. standard mounting shelves, calibration is quick and easy. CLE-373MDC loop extender

  13. Recording Interfacesmodels MRI-320 & CRI-376 • Application: Providing D/A conversionand line selectivity for call logging/recording applications on Nortel PABX’s,Key Systems & Meridian Centrex phones (MBS sets).Features: Both units can be configuredfor specific line selection, the MRI-320is a 4 channel device used on M1 Pabx’s& Norstar key systems and the CRI-376 isa single channel device used on MDC centrex lines.

  14. Application: Access of your office communicationssystems or remote access call monitoringfrom anywhere anytime Features: Multi user configurable, programmablerestricted dialing, password programmable,two output ports, PSTN accessibleBenefits: Allow multiple users to access the same call monitoringsystem or general communication system with each having their own feature privileges assigned via their password Remote Access deeslink, model 342

  15. Call Recording Solutions xtension recorder True digital Recording from Nortel’s PBX & Norstar phones. • Caller ID and or outbound dialed number • Date & Time stamp for each call • Email connectivity • Add comments to individual calls • Search call data by Caller ID or comments Everything necessary to be up and recording in minutes is included in the package. Applications Ideas: Conference calls, Dictation, Operator position, law enforcement, professional offices, Customer Service Desks and Call Centers.

  16. Call Recording phone 2PC • Digital Voice Recording, from any telephone digital or analog. • Store voice files on local PC or server • Auto file naming • Voice annotation • Email • Auto recording or “record on demand” Custom connection to the Handset of telephone allows Phone 2PC to be used with any system. Complete installation takes about 10 minutes. Approximately 1 hour of conversation takes 7.2MB of HD space.

  17. Power Suppliesmodels 193, T193 & 368 • 193…….24vdc, 250ma( used on the model 154A) • T193…..24vdc, 250ma (spade tips)( used on the model 198 Ringer) • 368…... 24vdc, barrel connector ( used on CM-10,CM-30 & all the MDC products)

  18. Company Contact Information • Corporate Office tel: 425-869-19634130 148th Ave. N.E. fax:425-869-0717Redmond, WA 98052 • Accounting: 425-869-1963 Contact: Kay… • Tech. Support/Applications: 1-800-654-5604 • Order Admin: 1-800-654-5604 Contact: Gaye… • Sales: 1-800-654-5604Louis

  19. Ordering Information • FOB Redmond, Washington • Order Desk..800-654-5604 • Warranty is one year • RMA number is required prior to returning any products • Dees products are available through major communication distribution companies throughout Canada and the U.S.A., for a list of those nearest you call.