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  1. Product Presentation

  2. OVERVIEW Maporama Drive Me turns your Pocket PC into professional on-board navigation device. Featuring voice prompted turn-by-turn guidance, crisp detailed maps based on Maporama unified cartographic database , thousands of points of interest, door-to-door navigation and much more, Maporama Drive Me becomes ultimate driving assistant across Europe. Maporama Drive Me Windows Mobile

  3. FEATURES Door-to-door route planning across Europe Voice-prompted driving directions The very latest maps with excellent street number coverage and exact road geometry directions Finds addresses, intersections and points of interest near your route User-defined Favorite locations One hand operable finger-friendly user interface Out-of-route warning with FAST automatic re-routing Avoiding Routes, Toll Roads, Motorways or Ferries SDK with .NET programming support available Route computation with turn restriction Maporama Drive Me Windows Mobile

  4. FEATURES Voice prompted turn-by-turn navigation with detailed map 31 POIs categories available from Airport to University Navigate to petrol station, parking or other 31 categories 31 poi categories available - from <Airport> to <University> Switch between daylight or nigh time settings for day or night driving Navigate to address, favourite, history, post code, points of interest Find address: Select country, city, street and even house number Maporama Drive Me Windows Mobile

  5. GRAPHICAL INTERFACE Interactive 3D view Drag & zoom the 3D map during navigation One hand operable finger-friendly user interface GPS guided navigation Know where you should go in every moment. Fast rerouting algorithm recomposes the route according to your current position Ergonomic Zoom in / Zoom out Enhanced zooming technology tap & drag to get to desired zoom level, or use hardware & buttons Route statistics Always know how you are approaching your destination Current street > Next street Direction control Showing real traffic situation and distance to next change of direction Menu: Navigate to, Route, Settings Quick button providing access to intuitive finger-friendly menu Maporama Drive Me Windows Mobile

  6. MAP COVERAGE Maporama maps provide the depth, accuracy and coverage needed to enable turn-by-turn, door-to-door route guidance. Map doesn't just feature road geometry. Dozens of road attributes from speed restrictions to lane configurations for every kilometre. Millions of Points of Interest, Turn-by-turn directions to restaurants, fuel stations, shopping and more. Maporama Drive Me Windows Mobile

  7. MAP COVERAGE Benelux Countries included Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg Scandinavia Countries included Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland Great Britain & Ireland Countries included Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Irish Republic Germany Central Europe Countries included Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary France Countries included France, Andorra, Monaco Austria & Switzerland Countries included Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein Iberia Countries included Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar Italy Countries included Italy, Vatican City State, San Marino Coverage available on April 2006 Maporama Drive Me Windows Mobile

  8. TARGET USERS & BENEFITS Enhanced personnal productivity Saved time Enhanced productivity on the field Facilitate the work of the mobile forces • Cut non productive distances • Cut mileage allowance costs • Optimized sales team route planning • Provides detailed road book to delivery personnel • Optimizes intervention rounds • Saved time Consumers Corporate • Mobile forces • Field forces • Sales teams Transport and logistic • Delivery teams • Taxi drivers Assistance and services • Emergency units • Customer services • Repairing services • Maintenance services • Field technicians Maporama Drive Me Windows Mobile

  9. REQUIREMENTS Mobile system requirements Windows Mobile 2003 Windows Mobile 2003 (Second Edition) Pocket PC 2002, 2003 Mobile hardware requirements Storage memory card (SD, MMC or CF) 12 MB of program memory available NMEA compliant GPS receiver PDA with Pocket PC pre-installed Desktop Windows 98/2000/NT/Me/XP ActiveSync 3.7 and above Maporama Drive Me Windows Mobile