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  1. Comedy Amber, Bethan, Stacey and Grace

  2. Step Brothers • Mise-en-scene • The titles in the opening sequence look informal and handwritten instantly showing that the film is not going to be of a serious nature. • Colourful costumes represent a happy natured film. • Actors have messy hair, not styled properly to resemble stereotypical male representations which makes you think that this film is going to be ‘different’. • Light setting, representing it being a light hearted and comical movie. • Set in a regular family home- is this normal for the two fully grown men that are shown in the opening? • Sound • The non diegetic music in the opening sequence is very upbeat which sets the mood for the film as the film is upbeat. This shows the film is a comedy. • Diagetic sound of him making food- every day lifestyle • Editing • The jump cuts in the opening sequence shows that there is going to be a lot of an action packed film. • Camera • This close-up show cereal and a colourful drink which you would associate with children, as they are childish foods, however the fact that it is a fully grown man eating these foods makes it comical, showing the genre. • Constant close ups of things that you’d expect to see in every day living.

  3. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging • Mise-en-scene • The titles in the opening sequence look informal and childish, showing that this film isn’t going to be serious . • Georgia is dressed in an olive costume- seen as funny and automatically makes the viewers think about it light heartedly. • Light setting- it’s a light hearted film. • Set in a stereotypical sea side village, abnormal for a girl dressed in this costume to be running through the streets which shows the abnormality of this film. • Sound • The non diagetic background music in the opening is fast beated, which sets the pace of the film and puts the viewer in the right mood to understand the film. • Editing • The jump cuts in the opening sequence show that it’s a fast beating film and has troubles throughout. • Two shot of the dad in the car and Georgia, showing different views. • Camera • Long shot of a room full of people, and then an angle down on Georgia, showing she is inferior and the centre of attention. • Track of her running around the streets, standing out from the crowd in her costumer- she is the focus of the attention. The comical costumer shows the humorous genre of the film.