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Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally Fitzgibbons

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Sally Fitzgibbons

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  1. Sally Fitzgibbons

  2. Daring, Confident, Naturally Beautiful, Fun, & Adventurous

  3. Sally Moments

  4. Sally Moments

  5. Sally Career Highlights • Sally’s Career to date • won her first Pro Junior at age 14 • won her first ISA U18 World Title age 17 • won the ASP U21 World Title age 18 • won the ISA Open World Title age 18 • won back to back Australian Pro Junior Series 2007/2008 • won back to back WQS Series in 2008 and 2009 • won 12 Event Titles in the last 4 years (5 x World Tour and 7 x 6 Star) • won the most World Tour events in the last 2 years (Total 5) • Started World Tour career 2009 fastest ever qualifier male or female • First female to score a 10 point ride at ASP Sunset Beach contest • Finished 5th in on ASP World Tour 2009 • Finished 2nd on ASP World Tour 2010, 2011, 2012 • Achieved World number 1 Ranking half way through 2011 • Won back to back Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach Titles 2011, 2012 • First surfer to win Nike US Open and Hurley Australian Open

  6. Sally Stats • Sally had the highest heat average for the past 2 year of 14.45 • Sally had the highest average wave score for the past 2 years of 7.225 • Sally won 12 Titles in the last 4 years (5 x WT and 7 x 6 Star) • Sally won the most World Tour events in the last 2 years with 5 Title wins • Sally has been in 17 finals in the last 4 years (9 x WT and 8 x 6 Star)

  7. Branding – Go Sally!

  8. Sally Branding – Healthy, Active, Fit & Fun • Apart from Sally’s sponsors branding, Sally has become a brand and celebrity in her own right with regular requests for appearances at charity and sporting events, guest speaking appearances, radio interviews and TV spots on Sports, lifestyle and game shows and Red Bull commercials. • The Sally brand represents a fun, active and healthy lifestyle. Someone who is willing to work hard and push their own personal limits to achieve goals. • Sally has been recognised by the Government as a suitable role model for the youth of Australia. Selected as an Australian Youth Week Ambassador in 2012, she is to be the face of another Government campaign soon.

  9. Sally Fitzgibbons Brand • Sally as a brand has placed herself across a broad section of community appeal through her sporting associations • St George Dragons NRL • Geelong Cats AFL • Illawarra Hawks NBL • NBA, NFL, F1, Golf, Cricket, Tennis… pretty much ALL SPORTS • And key positions as a Role Model & Ambassador • Australian National Youth Week Ambassador • Run Geelong – Geelong Hospital • Quiksilver Foundation – Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation • Breast Cancer Awareness • Play By The Rules • Camp Quality • Surfing Australia – Sally Camps & Ambassador • And key sponsorships – Core surfing, Glamour, Feminine, Versatile • Roxy, Red Bull, Firewire, Model Co, Beach Toes, Mini, Waxaway, FCS & Gorilla

  10. Sponsorship/Branding • Existing branding includes Roxy Clothes, Wetsuit, Watch, accessories & Eyewear, Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Mobile, Mini Australia, Model Co Cosmetics, Beach Toes, Firewire Surfboards FCS fins and Gorilla Grip Other opportunities exist for Electronics, White Goods, Holiday Resorts, Eco Tourism…

  11. Non-Endemic Athlete PR • Sally and PRSally has been working with ARC Factory and Magnum PR the past 6 years and has achieved some excellent placement in non-endemic area; Cosmo, Cleo, Girl Friend, MX, STAB magazines along with Body & Soul and other Newspaper Sunday supplements have all been achieved.

  12. Web Site and Social Media • Red Bull Australia invested $30,000 into building & maintaining [Domain owned by Sally currently under develpment] • The site serves as a good reference/archival site complementing Twitter and Facebook but there is definitely room for further activation. • All sponsors need to contribute quality content and imagery and will then benefit from bi-directional traffic. • Sally’s Yahoo7 Lifestyle Blog (ESPN have also asked) provides an opportunity for a range of topics to complement trips, campaigns and product as well as contests. Article reach 200K+ • Sally’s current web site is to be revamped in a more Blog style in 2013 similar to Mick Fanning’s. There is room for a potential collaboration with Red Bull to provide quality imagery • Sally is Queen of the social media in the surfing world. She is in the Top 10 Most Influential under the age of 30 Social Media people in Australia, recently recognised by Tom Waterhouse. With 100K+ followers across her social media network Sally has the ability influence.

  13. Social Media Effect – Facebook Facebook is still a hugely influential marketing area. Sally’s Fan Page has plenty of room for growth and could be linked into her major sponsors more effectively. Her weekly reach fluctuates between 25K and 300K+ when she is involved in and winning events. Instagram numbers are improving (45K+) and growing steadily.

  14. Social Media Effect - KLOUT Klout is a social media measure that combines a number of media sources to attempt to measure the influence of a user on the network by the individual. It is not only about the amount of followers but effective interaction. Sally ranks #2 of all male and female surfers behind Slater (KLOUT - 83).

  15. Media-Editorial 2011-12 (within Australia) Athlete coverage:: (2 month sample during March/April) TV 5,866,000; Radio 2,600,000; Print 18,604,000 Internet Articles 280,000 Web Site 13,000 Total Circulation Reach 27,363,000 Followers Twitter: 53,000+ Facebook: 25,000+Instagram: 46,000+

  16. Australian Media Figures • Sally will continue to grow these numbers and monitoring the PR circulation numbers shows heavy spikes when Sally is competing and making finals as seen in the sample below • Media Audience Numbers (2 month sample Apr/May 2011)TV 5,866,000 Radio 2,600,000 Print 18,604,000 Internet 280,000 Web Site 13,000 Total Reach  27,363,000  Twitter Followers: 52,000+Twitter Interactions: 168,000 weekly Facebook Followers: 26,000+ Facebook Interactions: 25,000 - 380,000 weekly • Sally has become a marquee athlete since joining the World Tour in 2009. Her appeal is broad as shown by her Facebook and Twitter following. Her media numbers in 2011/12 are excellent and she is well recognized outside her own sport.

  17. Sally’s Future • Sally is one of the most popular female surfers in the world and it is just a matter of time before she claims the World Title after 3 runner-up finishes. Sally’s story and journey is just as important and inspiring as the end result and should be celebrated along the way. She is just beginning. • Sally is a marquee athlete with a proven contest record and with her media experience and social media positioning she ticks all the boxes as the face of a brand and is in a position to lead any team to the top. • Sponsors • Believe in Sally as an athlete • Support Sally’s aspirations • Have a vision for Sally’s future • Can help provide a future beyond her competition life. • Have a global marketing plan for her • Provide a creative, inspiring and friendly athlete environment