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Hoglund Brain Imaging Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Hoglund Brain Imaging Center

Hoglund Brain Imaging Center

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Hoglund Brain Imaging Center

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  1. Hoglund Brain Imaging Center MRI Safety


  3. MRI TERMINOLOGY • Tesla (T):magnetic field strength • Gauss (G): another measurement of field strength • Quench:to suppress or remove the magnetic field • Ferromagnetism:the attraction between a magnet and ferromagnetic materials such as iron

  4. Earth = 0.5 Gauss 1.5 Tesla = 15,000 Gauss 3 Tesla = 30,000 Gauss

  5. MRI Access Zones Patient Waiting Zone I Hallway Zone II Control Room Zone III Zone I: Trained personnel may escort and are responsible for subjects Zone II: Trained personnel must screen all subjects entering Zone IV Zone III and IV: Restricted Access Areas Scanner Zone IV

  6. Read all signs before entering room 3T

  7. 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week 365 Days a Year

  8. Main Magnetic Field • Projectile or Missile Effect • Electronics Interference

  9. Examples of what needs to stay in lockers

  10. These items MUST be MRI Safe to enter the scanner room

  11. Can enter scanner room Needs to be approved by MRI staff NOT MRI SAFE

  12. Subjects with these items will NOT be scanned • Pacemakers/Defibrillators • Neurostimulators • Lyric Hearing Aids • Electronic Cochlear Implants May cause the device to MALFUNCTION and may cause DEATH

  13. Gradient Field Hazards • Acoustic Noise • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS)

  14. Acoustic Noise Problems • Annoyance • Verbal Communication Difficulties • Heightened Anxiety • Temporary Hearing Loss • In Extreme Cases, Permanent Hearing Impairment

  15. Protect Hearing Ear Plugs are Mandatory in the Scanner

  16. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) Rapid switching of the gradients may cause tingling and/or twitching in the hands, feet, or face

  17. Radio Frequency Pulses Can Cause • Tissue Heating • Antennae Effect

  18. Excessive Heating • Power deposition measured by SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) • Dependent on several factors, including subject’s height, weight, and thermoregulation • Safety is regulated by FDA

  19. Burns (Antenna Effects) • Equipment such as ECG leads and patient monitoring cables • Metal on or in clothing • Crossing arms/hands and legs/feet

  20. Invisible metallic microfiber in clothing presents unrecognized MRI risk for cutaneous burn. A case of a thermal burn has occurred during MR imaging likely caused by silver-embedded microfibers in the fabric of an undershirt. As the prevalence of fabric containing nondetectable metallic microfiber increases in athletic and "tech" clothing, the importance of having patients change into safe facility-provided garments before MR imaging is emphasized.

  21. First Degree Burn Considerations Transdermal Patch Metallic Nail Polish Body Piercings Bullets/BB’s Hearing Aids IUD Metal Shrapnel Hair Gel & Deodorant Tattoos

  22. Screen for all metal implants and devices • Screen for surgeries • Judge on a case by case basis Be Conservative. If there is any question, call for clarification. 5-7894

  23. Remove Personal Items • Research participant’s personal items must be secured in lockers. • Researchers must remove personal items before entering scanner room. Hair Pins/Clips Fit Bit Money Clips Jewelry Cell Phones Credit Cards Watch Keys Pens Coins Badges Lanyard

  24. Remove Non-Projectile Items Credit Cards Flash Drives CD’s

  25. Not Allowed In Zone IV Crash Cart AED Oxygen Tanks Metal or Electrical Equipment Emergency Response Team

  26. “Playground” Rules • Respect Other Researchers • Scheduling • During In-Progress Scans • Respect Privacy of our Subjects • Send Required Paperwork

  27. What Can Happen When Rules Are Not Followed?

  28. Good Luck with your Research