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Unit 17

Unit 17. Great women. Warming up & Speaking. Do you know them?. Task 1. Who is she?. Task 2. Who is your idol?. Nothing can defeat you except yourself !. My idol. Who are great women?. Great women. Song Qingling. 1893-1981. a famous Chinese woman revolutionist (革命家).

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Unit 17

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  1. Unit 17 Great women Warming up & Speaking

  2. Do you know them?

  3. Task 1 Who is she?

  4. Task 2 Who is your idol?

  5. Nothing can defeat you except yourself !

  6. My idol

  7. Who are great women?

  8. Great women

  9. Song Qingling

  10. 1893-1981 a famous Chinese woman revolutionist(革命家) the vice-president of the People’s Republic of China devoted herself to various welfare activities (福利事业)

  11. Pearl S. Buck

  12. 1892-1973 a famous American woman writer She was born in the USA but grew up in Zhejiang Province after her parents moved to China in 1895. her best-known novel, The Good Earth《大地》 won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938

  13. Mother Teresa

  14. 1910-1997 a world-famous Catholic nun(天主教修女) she worked in India to help the poor when she was 18. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

  15. We can do no great things, only small things with great love.

  16. What qualities do they have in common?

  17. Task 3 Describe a person

  18. positive negative strong smart honest friendly warm kind cheerful popular generous hard-working helpful serious loyal quiet pretty caring fashionable weak stupid lazy mean dishonest tense cold unkind unfriendly ugly miserable dull evil cruel nauseous annoying boring

  19. Useful expressions • She seems to me to be the kind of woman who … • The impression she makes on me is … • I think she is the kind of person who …

  20. Useful expressions • People like her … • She looks as if … • You can see that … • She doesn’t seem …

  21. Task 4 What kind of People do you think they are?

  22. Homework 1. Describe a person whom you are familiar with. 2. Remember the useful expressions on page 30.

  23. Thank you!

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