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Unit 17

Unit 17. Approximate. (adj.) almost exact or correct (v.) almost exact or correct. Approximate. The approximate age of a fourth-grade student is nine . The dog's howls approximate the sound of a wolf baying at the moon . Synonyms: estimated , near Antonyms: exact. Construct.

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Unit 17

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  1. Unit 17

  2. Approximate (adj.) almost exact or correct (v.) almost exact or correct

  3. Approximate • The approximate age of a fourth-grade student is nine. • The dog's howls approximate the sound of a wolf baying at the moon. • Synonyms:estimated, near • Antonyms:exact

  4. Construct (v.) to make or build by fitting parts together

  5. Construct • The children used scraps of wood to construct a birdhouse. • Synonyms:to compose, create • Antonyms:todestroy, ruin

  6. Crude (Adj.) in a raw or natural state

  7. Crude • We used fallen logs to make acrude bridge across the stream. • Synonyms:basic, simple • Antonyms:fancy, unnatural

  8. Decline (v.) to refuse to accept or do something (n.) the process of becoming weak or less

  9. Decline • I have to decline the invitation to the party because I am sick. • A poor diet can cause a decline in health. • decline  (verb) Synonyms: to reject Antonyms: to accept • decline (noun) Synonyms: weakening Antonyms: strengthening

  10. Distinct (Adj.) very clear, different from others

  11. Distinct • You an tell the two kittens apart because one has a distinct white stripe around its tail. • Synonyms: definite, one of a kind • Antonyms: fuzzy, hazy, vague, similar

  12. Evident (adj.) clear or plain to see

  13. Evident • The muddy paw prints made it evident that the dog took the sandwich. • Synonyms: obvious, noticeable • Antonyms: unclear, hidden, unknown

  14. Impulse (n.) a sudden wish or urge to do something

  15. Impulse • When the movie reached the scary part, I had the impulse to cover my eyes. • Synonyms: desire, reaction • Antonyms: dislike, aversion

  16. Interpret (v.) to explain the meaning or importance of

  17. Interpret • It is hard to interpret messy handwriting. • Synonyms: define, clarify, understand • Antonyms: misinterpret, misunderstand

  18. Orient (v.) to adjust or adapt to a new and unfamiliar situation

  19. Orient • My eyes took a few seconds to orient themselves to the bright sunlight. • Synonyms: to familiarize, become accustomed • Antonyms: to disorient, be out of place

  20. Sector (n.) a part of division of something

  21. Sector • Each grade was assigned a differentsector of the park to clean up. • Synonyms: piece, segment • Antonyms: whole

  22. Submit (Verb 1) to present or hand in something (Verb 2) to surrender or give in to someone or something

  23. Submit • Students submit their vote for class president on a piece of paper. • Small children will keep asking for something until you submit to their wishes. • submit  (verb) Synonyms: to give Antonyms: to withdraw • submit  (verb 2) Synonyms: to agree with

  24. Zest (n.) a strong interest or enjoyment

  25. Zest • The explorer has a zest for adventure and travel. • Synonyms: enthusiasm, passion, interest • Antonyms: apathy, dullness

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