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Unit 17

Breakfast. Unit 17. Key Vocabulary. Key Vocabulary. P.230 Useful Expressions. How would you like your eggs ( cooked / done / prepared )? 你想用什麼樣的做法 烹調 您的雞蛋? (2) If you prefer a lighter meal (份量較少 / 較健康的) , the continental breakfast is a good choice .

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Unit 17

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  1. Breakfast Unit 17

  2. Key Vocabulary

  3. Key Vocabulary

  4. P.230 Useful Expressions • How would you like your eggs (cooked / done / prepared)? 你想用什麼樣的做法烹調您的雞蛋? (2) If you prefer a lighter meal(份量較少/較健康的), the continental breakfast is a good choice. 如果您偏好較清淡的餐點,歐陸式早餐是個不錯的選擇。 [option] (3) Are you having the breakfast buffet, or do you prefer to order (off) / from the menu? 您要吃自助式早餐,還是您比較想從菜單上點餐呢?

  5. P.230 Useful Expressions 2 (1) Our breakfast meals include bottomless(看不到底的=無限續杯)cups of coffee or tea. 我們的早餐餐點包含了無限續杯的咖啡或茶。 (2) Would you like (A)regular coffee or (B)decaf(decaffeinated)? 您要一般的咖啡還是低咖啡因的咖啡? (3) I’m sorry, but we stop servingbreakfasts at 11 a.m. 很抱歉,本餐廳於早上11點停止供應(serve) 早餐。[service 服務/ served with 跟菜一起出]

  6. P.231 Situational Dialogue 1 (C→ Customer; S→ Server) C: Excuse me, I know it’s 1 p.m., but are you still serving breakfasts? (供應早餐 ) S: Yes, we are. In fact, we have all-day breakfasts at this restaurant. Here is our breakfast menu. C: Great, thank. Hmm… I think I’ll have the American breakfast. S: Sure. How would you like your eggs done? 你想用什麼樣的做法烹調您的雞蛋? C: Scrambled (炒蛋), please, but please make sure they aren’t runny(水分過多). S: No problem.

  7. P.231 Situational Dialogue 1 S: No problem. And would you care for bacon, ham or sausages? C: Bacon sounds good-crispy (香脆), please. Oh, and I’d like brown toast, not white. S: OK. We have (A)rye bread (裸麥麵包/ 黑麥)and (B)whole-wheat(全麥). Which do you prefer? C: I’ll have the whole-wheat, thanks.

  8. Situational Dialogue 2 • (S→ Server; G→ Guest) S: Good morning. What can I get for you today? G: I see have Belgian waffles. Are they light and fluffy (比利時 鬆餅) (鬆軟的)? S: Yes, they are. G: I’m also thinking about the pancakes (煎餅). How many are there in a stack(一疊)? S: Three. They are also a good choice. G: It’s a tough(困難的/ difficult)choice, but I think I’ll decide on the waffles. I suppose(I guess)they come with whipped cream (鮮奶油). Is that right? S: Yes, and they are served with your choice of strawberries, blueberries or raspberries.

  9. P.236 Listening Practice Listen to the following conversation and write T (true) or F (false) in the blanks below. ____ 1. The restaurant doesn’t have an breakfast specials. ____ 2. The guest doesn’t think the continental breakfast is very cheap. ____ 3. Both the (A) American breakfast and the (B) English breakfast come with bottomless cups of coffee. ____ 4. The English breakfast is more expensive than the American breakfast. ____ 5. The guest orders the American breakfast.

  10. P.239 Exercises ____1. Could you tell me what a “continental breakfast” is? (A) May I take your order, sir? (B) It’s the same as an English breakfast. (C) It’s a light meal with bread, fruit and coffee. ____2.Are you here for the breakfast buffet? (A) No, thanks. I want to order something off the menu. (B) The buffet has a wide variety of delicious food. (C) No, I haven’t been to that restaurant before. ____3.Are coffee refills free? (A) The coffee machine is located near the back. (B) Yes, we serve bottomless cups at this restaurant. (C) I’m sorry, but we don’t have decaffeinated coffee here.

  11. P.240 Listening Listen to the conversation and fill n the blanks below. (1) Do you have blueberry __________ by any chance? (2) Flapjacks? Oh, you mean __________ ? (3) Also I’d like a couple of __________of __________ as a side dish. (4) It includes pancakes, eggs, __________ or __________ , coffee or tea and orange juice for just NT$ __________. (5) Yes, if you pay __________ __________ NT$35.

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