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South Korea

South Korea

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South Korea

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  1. South Korea Aden Wolfe

  2. South Korea Located in eastern Asia Located on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. The capital is Seoul.

  3. Date it became a Country South Korea gained independence on August 13, 1948.

  4. South Korean Government • Republic system • Leadership is split up between the courts, the legislature, and the president. • Current President is Lee Myung- Bak • Term- Five years and is not renewable • Current Prime Minister- Kim Hwang-sik

  5. South Korean Flag The white represents the cleanliness of the people. The red and blue center is called a Taegeuk. The Taegeuk represents the origins of all things in the universe.

  6. South Korean Motto “Benefit All Mankind” South Korean`s Motto- “Benefit All Mankind”

  7. Population Facts 48,636,068 The life expectancy for males is 75.56 years. The life expectancy for females is 82.28 years.

  8. South Korean Sports • In 2010 South Korea won the FIFA U-17 Women`s World Cup. • There is a South Korean baseball league. • Korea won the gold medal in baseball at the 2008 Olympic Games.

  9. Kite Flying Kite Flying is considered a traditional sport in South Korea, unlike Thailand it is not major league sport. Kites are traditionaly flown the first couple days of the Lunar New Year.

  10. Famous South Koreans Hines Ward (NFL player for the Pittsburgh Steelers) Chan-ho Park (MLB player for the New York Yankees) John Yohan Cho (actor)

  11. Natural resources Coal Lead Graphite Tungsten Molybdenum Hydropower Potential

  12. South Korean Crops • Rice • Rice is very popular in many popular Korean recipes. • Barley

  13. Religion Christian- 26.3% Buddhist- 23.2% Other/Unkown-1.3% None-49.3%

  14. Language Major language-Korean 2nd Language- English (not very common) English is commonly taught to middle school and high school students.

  15. Currency South Korean Won 1 South Korean Won is = 0.0009 US Dollar

  16. Holidays Memorial Day- June 6 Foundation Day- October 3 Children`s Day- May 5 Liberation Day- August 15

  17. Transportation 116 airports- 44 are unpaved 510 heliports 3,381 km of railways 103,029 km of roadways- 22,387 km of unpaved roads

  18. Aegukga The Aegukga is South Korea`s national anthem the song title means “The Song of Love for the Country” or “The Patriotic Song”

  19. South Korean Coat of Arms

  20. Shopping • South Koreans love to shop. • The Coex Mall is Asia's largest underground Shopping mall.

  21. Lowest Elevation The Sea of Japan is the lowest point in South Korea.

  22. Highest Elevation Halla-san is the highest point in South Korea at 1,950 meters.

  23. South Korean Clothing • Traditional clothing is called the Hanbok. • The Hanbok has been around since at least 57 B.C. • In the 1960`s the Hanbok became least popular. • The current clothing is similar to what we wear in the United States.

  24. Average Household Income • In 2007 the average household income in Korea was about 30 million won per year. • This is about 41,500 US dollars.

  25. Taxes • Like the United States, South Koreans have to pay taxes. • Examples • Property tax, automobile tax, license tax, Internet tax, and education tax.

  26. High Rise Apartments Since South Korea is only about the size of Indiana, there is not much space for housing. Most people live in high rise apartments. Apartments in South Korea are large compared to apartments in the US.

  27. History South Korea was formed after the feat of the Japanese in WW2. At this time the Korean Peninsula was divided into two sections. (North-Soviet Union /South-United States)

  28. History cont. On June 25, 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea. This was the beginning of the Korean Conflict which ended on July 27, 1953.

  29. DMZ The boarder between North and South Korea is one of the most heavily armed boarders in the worlds. Both sides have troops and weapons.

  30. South Korea vs. North Korea After the Korean conflict South Korea`s standard of living became of the highest in Asia. North Korea has isolated itself from the rest of the world and has a very low standard of living.

  31. Tourist Attractions • Jeju Island • This is home to many beautiful features including the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall.

  32. Imports South Korea imports $417.9 billion in goods. China accounts for 16.8% of their imports.

  33. Exports South Korea exports $466.3 billion in goods. China accounts for 23.2% of their exports. China is their #1 trading partner.

  34. Business Trip • South Korea would be perfect for a business trip. You could come view the beautiful city of Seoul. After your business meetings you could go shopping at the Coex Mall.

  35. You Should Come Visit South Korea!

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