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River Watch

River Watch

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River Watch

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  1. River Watch -Our mission with River Watch  is to work with voluntary stewards to monitor water quality and other indicators of watershed health and utilize this high quality data to educate citizens and inform decision makers about the condition of Colorado’s waters.

  2. Each volunteer group receives the training, support and supplies needed to monitor their respective rivers and provide consistent and accurate data.

  3. what people say about River Watch A QA/QC plan is in place to ensure the quality of the data collected. We have worked closely with Gil Hassingerand Bob Tauer, both really knowledgeable, committed and fun mentors. Three of us became involved this Summer; Jarrek Holmes, Will Thompson and Joe Tiberi We each became involved for our own reasons,  and we have each grown to love the program, our experience and our mentors. We really care about colorado waterways in a way we did not before working with River Watch

  4. “I got involved in River Watch because I wanted to both use science and help the community at the same time.  Plus it's fun to be down by the creek. I like how our sampling takes us right next to the creek, and we get to be outside doing science.” - Joe Tiberi

  5. “I got involved because I think it is a real cool thing and I wanted to help the community.” - Will Thompson

  6. “I got involved in River Watch after my friend, Will Thompson, told me just how interesting and fun River Watch could be. “ - Jarrek Holmes

  7. “I learned about chemistry in rivers, from titrations to dissolved oxygen tests.I like the fun and interesting science that we get to do and the amazing field work that makes it feel like the science is something more than just chemistry.” - Jarrek Holmes

  8. “We as volunteers,  agree to monitor on a monthly basis. Samples are collected which we analyze for hardness, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature. We do the testing with Gil. He is a great mentor and friend.” - Will Thompson

  9. “The Bug Dance was REALLY fun and I loved looking at all the organisms that live in the creek that we don't usually see or notice. And I really like working with Gil, he is very patient and knowledgeable. It's also nice to see how connected Gil is to the creek and how much he tries to get us connected to the creek too. - Joe Tiberi

  10. “ The Bug Dance is a very interesting and very fun thing to do! I liked getting out in the middle of the stream and then seeing all the bugs we caught.” - Will Thompson

  11. The Bug Dance

  12. Quality assurance is essential in the program operation and in the use of the data. We perform our sampling and analysis according to a uniform set of guidance documents. - “Quality assurance is important because the information is used by many different people and they make decisions based on the data. If the data is wrong they might make a wrong decision.” - Will Thompson

  13. “It is really difficult to do the testing accurately and we have devoted a lot of time to learning how and why. Gil and Bob have helped us learn so much about water and chemistry. It is a lot of fun!”  - Joe Tiberi • “Colorado Rivers are an integral part of our Colorado ecosystem. It is extremely important to keep our rivers healthy and beautiful for our wildlife and for us too!” - Will Thompson

  14. “It's important to take care of our Colorado water ways because that is our main source of clean drinking water, and if it becomes unhealthy it will affect everyone, both humans and animals for a very, very long time.” - Joe Tiberi • “It is important to save Colorado's water ways because they are major drinking sources and having unclean water is dangerous to people and the environment.” - Jarrek Holmes

  15. We have gained from River Watch an even deeper  passion for science as well as an understanding of our rivers and the importance of keeping them clean. We have had the experience of learning from other people and each other too. 

  16. Jarrek said, “ Other kids should get involved to help save Colorado rivers.”    

  17. Joe  said, “- Other kids should get involved in River Watch because it's a fun learning experience and it helps connect kids to nature and understand the importance of our water supply.”  

  18. Will said “kids should get involved because we are the future of our world it is important that we get exited about science and conservation if we want to stay and prosper. I strongly believe that science is integral to that. Our rivers are our main source of  not only our water but most of our countries water and if that disappears i don’t know what our country would do.”