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Welcome to 4th Grade!

Welcome to 4th Grade!. Morning Procedures. You will report to the 300 hall before school. When the bell rings, get in line with a smile on your face and get ready for the day . Get 2 sharpened pencils for the morning. Get out your math book, binder, and workbook.

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Welcome to 4th Grade!

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  1. Welcome to 4th Grade!

  2. Morning Procedures • You will report to the 300 hall before school. • When the bell rings, get in line with a smile on your face andget ready for the day. • Get 2 sharpened pencils for the morning. • Get out your math book, binder, and workbook. • Copy homework in your planner. • Get out the previous nights homework. • Begin bellringer. • This should be done quickly and quietly.

  3. Room Procedures Your Attention Please • When I need your attention I will say “Please Give Me 5”. • You are to count to 5 to yourself and follow these steps: • Eyes on speaker • Quiet • Be Still • Hands Free (Put all things down) • Listen • Let’s Practice 

  4. Room Procedures I need something… When you need something, please raise your hand and continue to work quietly. Missing Work When you are absent, check the “Make Up Folder”for missing tests and assignments. It is your responsibility to do your make-up work and turn it in.

  5. Room Procedures Teacher’s Small Group Station • Do not remove anything on my tablewithout permission. • Only put papers in the basket – the Desk Monster mayeat them. You are responsible for all lost papers.

  6. Room Procedures Water Fountain, Bathroom, & Pencil Sharpener • You may use the water fountain or bathroom when you are doing independent/group work. (Not when I am teaching the lesson) You must go before school and at recesses and cannot go until after we have been in class for 30 minutes. • You may use the bathroom once in the morning and once in the afternoon. • Do not abuse this privilege. • You must sign out and sign back in. • You are to have 2 sharpened pencils each day. You can bring a sharpener for your desk with a cover. • The pencil sharpener will only be used by the assigned “Pencil Sharpener” job holder . • You will be given 1 new pencil each Monday by your homeroom teacher. Keep all pencils in your book sack. If you do not have a pencil, you will lose a point on thebehavior sheet for the day.

  7. Room Procedures Desks, Cubbies and Backpacks • All desks and cubbies should be organized at all times. ***Absolutely no loose papers will be allowed. • Backpacks should be hanging from your chair – they are not to be on the floor at any time. • Cubbies will be in your homeroom class and contain all of your books. It is your responsibility when you leave my class to bring your books for the other class.

  8. Room Procedures Class Materials • All materials should be cared for and used for their intended purpose only. • All materials should be put back in their proper place when it’s time to clean up. • If you have to return to your homeroom class for missing materials, you will loss points on the behavior board.

  9. Group Work • Class Titles for job duties will be Team Captain (in charge of leading group, delegating responsibilities, and reading questions), Team Recorder (in charge of writing all material for group, moving pieces on game board, and turning in materials to the teacher), Team Time Keeper (in charge of keeping track of time and answering questions during center), and Team Manager (in charge of getting all materials, turning them into basket, and making sure that everyone is participating).  • Students will learn the rule "ask three before me" to get used to asking group members before the teacher.  Teacher will be working with small group and distractions should be kept to a minimum.  All students will turn in group work to remain responsible for their work. • Students will put materials back neater than they were previously. They must all be taken care of at all times.

  10. Work Stations • Each student will be assigned a “Study Buddy” determined by which reading group you are in. {Red Group- The Infernos, Blue Group- Lightening, Green Group-The Cyclones, Yellow Group-The Comets) • Each partnership will rotate every 20 minutes to a different station. There will be 2 work stations completed each day, plus you will meet with the teacher during small group. • You will choose an activity found on the “I CAN” Chart located in each station. You must complete a “Weekly Work Station Log” which will be turned in on Friday. Be sure to choose different activities each day unless you have a work in progress such as a creative writing assignment.

  11. Hallway Expectations Be Respectful • Be polite and considerate at all times • Use water fountain correctly • Keep hands and feet off of walls Be Responsible • Speak quietly • Take care of school property • Complete your task and return promptly Be On-task • Walk on the right side of the walkway in ABC order • Keep your hands and feet to yourself

  12. Bathroom Expectations Be Respectful • Respect each other’s privacy • Use equipment and supplies properly Be Responsible • Speak quietly • Flush toilets after use • Clean up after yourself • Return quickly and quietly Be On-task • Walk • Keep your hands and feet to yourself • Wash your hands with soap

  13. Lunchroom Expectations Be Respectful • Speak quietly • Say “please” and “thank you” • Clean your area before leaving Be Responsible • Use indoor voices • Keep food on your tray • Pick up after yourself Be On-task • Walk in line / ABC Order • Keep your hands and feet to yourself • Raise your hand if you need something • Sit properly at the table • Eat your lunch

  14. Cafeteria Rules • Slow walking only • Food stays on trays or in mouth (not on tables, seats or floor) and is never thrown. • Students are not allowed to sit without food. • NO SHARING FOOD • Pick up anything you drop. • Raise hand to ask to go to the restroom • Raise hand to be dismissed to throw trash away and put tray away. • When dismissed, pick up ALL trash near you, place trash in barrels provided; • Inside voices only!

  15. Playground Expectations Be Respectful • Wait your turn to use the equipment • Share playground equipment • Practice good sportsmanship Be Responsible • Put away equipment and hold until placed in the bins • Pick up trash • Line up in ABC order when the whistle blows immediately! Be On-Task • Walk on the sidewalks only • Keep your hands and feet to yourself • Play only in assigned play areas • Use equipment safely • Keep rocks, pinecones, sand, black tire, etc. on the ground

  16. Playground Rules Rules • Please stay in designated play areas. • Use class equipment properly and safely. • When bell rings or whistle blows, stop playing, walk to your line and put any equipment without bouncing it in the large bin. • Follow directions given by duty teachers and obey school rules. • Respect school property and rights of others.

  17. Playground RulesPlay Areas Slides • Sit on your bottom with your feet in front of you. • Slide all the way down. No stopping on the way down. • One person goes down the slide at a time. • Slide down. No climbing up the slide. Swings • Swing only back and forth. • No jumping from the swings. • If you are waiting for a turn, count to 100 swings. • No twisting. • Swing on bottom only-do not swing on your knees or stomachs • Face the climbing equipment when swinging.

  18. Playground RulesPlay Areas Tag Games • All tag games must be played in the grass areas. No tag games are allowed on the play ground equipment, courts, sidewalk or sand areas. • Tags should be made on the shoulder area. No pushing allowed. Jump Rope • All rope jumping should be done away from groups unless there is a class, in which case you may jump. • Take turns jumping and turning. • Never swing the rope above your head. • Never tie the ropes together to make them longer • REMEMBER-it is YOUR job to keep the ropes picked up. Football/Kickball/Basketball • Touch football only. • Follow sport rules and use good sportsmanship at all times.

  19. Assembly Expectations Be Respectful • Use inside voices and sit on your bottoms • Look and listen attentively • Clap only after the presentation or when prompted Be Responsible • Enter and exit quietly Be On-task • Walk in a line to your space • Keep your hands and feet to yourself

  20. Computer Lab Expectations Be Respectful • Speak quietly • No food or drink allowed • Leave the lab in ready condition for the next class Be Responsible • Learn your student passwords • Handle all equipment and materials with care • Abide by the technology user agreement you signed • You must use the restroom before entering the lab. Be On-task • Enter only when an adult is present • Keep your hands and feet to yourself

  21. End of the Day Procedures • Make sure you copy all your homework in your agenda and place it in your book sack. • Clean up your desk and floor area – even if it’s not your mess. • Push in your chair. • Wait in front of your desk quietly to be called to line up. • Walk out of the building quietly. • Stay in your desk until your bell rings.

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