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4th Grade

4th Grade. Core. Literature. Standards Addressed. California State Board of Education Standards Fourth Grade Dry Creek District Standards: Reading: 1.) Word Analysis, Fluency and Systematic Vocabulary Development

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4th Grade

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  1. 4th Grade Core Literature

  2. Standards Addressed California State Board of Education Standards Fourth Grade Dry Creek District Standards: Reading: 1.) Word Analysis, Fluency and Systematic Vocabulary Development 4.4.4. Distinguish and interpret multiple meaning words

  3. 2.) Reading Comprehension 4.2.1. Know and use different reading strategies (e.g., skimming and scanning; finding information to support particular ideas) and the various purposes of language (e.g., to inform, to persuade, to entertain) to comprehend informational text 4.2.2. Use prior knowledge and ideas presented in texts (illustrations, titles, topic sentences, key words and foreshadowing clues) to make, confirm, or revise predictions

  4. 3.) Literary Response and Analysis 4.2.1. Identify the main events of the plot, their causes and how they influence future action 4.2.2. Use knowledge of the situation, setting and character's traits and motivations to determine the causes for character's actions 4.2.5. Explain how characters or simple events in a work are like people or events in one's own life

  5. Introduction This lesson will allow students to experience the adventures of the California Gold Rush through 2 main characters: Jack and Praiseworthy by reading the book, By the Great Horn Spoon by Sid Fleischman . Students will be assigned daily reading with fun and exciting activities to follow. Periodically, students will take quizzes and then finish with a final unit test at the end of the book. Subject: Reading Topic: Vocabulary & Comprehension Grade Level: 4 Student Lesson name and URL: http://www.ctap295.ctaponline.org/~bharney/students

  6. Instructional Objectives 1.  Students will learn vocabulary words related to By the Great Horn Spoon. 2.  Students will gain knowledge of the California Gold Rush. 3.  Students will be exposed to daily questions on the Literal, Interpretive, Critical and Creative level. 4.  After visiting a web site and learning about modes of travel during the Gold Rush era, students will choose a mode of travel and explain why they chose it.

  7. Introductory Activities 1.  Students will predict what the story will about just by hearing the title and answer some general questions about the book. 2.  Students will choose a character, either Praiseworthy or Jack, and keep notes on that character's development.

  8. Enabling Activities 1.  Students will take a pretest on vocabulary words related to the book.2.  Students will read chapters and keep notes on 1 character.3.  Students will play concentration with vocabulary words.4.  Students will answer comprehension questions.5.  Students will write letters.6.  Students will complete a story map.7.  Students will complete various writing activities.8.  Students will visit a web site on the types of travel during the Gold Rush era and write a paragraph explaining the way that they would choose to travel to California from Boston and why.

  9. Culminating Activities • Students will take a post test on vocabulary words. • View the movie By the Great Horn Spoon. Discuss the similarities and differences between the book and movie and then write a three paragraph essay on this topic. • 3. Students will choose a character, either Praiseworthy or Jack and write a summary of their character's development. • 4. Students will take a final test of all 18 chapters.

  10. Resources Introductory Activities: http://www.victory-cruises.com/cape_horn.html http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/score/spoon/spoonsg1.htmlhttp://www.thinkquest.org/library/lib/site_sum_outside.html?tname=50048&url=50048/http://www.educationplanet.com/articles/goldrush.htmlhttp://gocalif.ca.gov/goldrush/california.htmlhttp://www.goldrush1849.com/thewaywest.html Enabling Activities: Pretest on vocabulary words Section 1 Quiz

  11. Resources Continued Enabling Activities Continued: Having a Butler Section 2 Quiz Section 3 Quiz Section 4 Quiz Colorful Speech Section 5 Quiz Culminating Activities: Take Unit Test Post test on vocabulary words

  12. Assessment Assessments will be given throughout the book. There are four quizzes and one comprehensive unit test given at the end. All of these are linked to word documents. As of right now, there are no assessment scores to view.

  13. Lesson Implementation Introductory ActivitiesAnswer the Pre-reading questions.Complete the vocabulary pretest Day 1 Read Chapter 1 (pages 1 - 17) Write a letter to Aunt Arabella. Day 2Read Chapter 2 (pages 18 - 28) Write a time-order paragraph which tells how to catch a thief. Day 3Read Chapter 3 (pages 29 - 34) Read up to page 35, then list the pluses, minuses, and interesting side effects that would result if the interesting side effets that would result if the captain decides to tow the becalmed square-rigger...Finish reading the chapter. Take Section 1 Quiz. Day 4 Read Chapter 4 (pages 39 - 49) Complete the story map. Day 5 Read Chapters 5 & 6 (pages 50 - 59) Answer the questions on Having a Butler Day 6Read Chapter 7 (pages 60 - 70) Take Section 2 Quiz.Homework: Write to Aunt Arabella about cats, a hat, and the end of the race.

  14. Lesson Implementation Day 7Read Chapter 8 (pages 82 - 95) Write a journal entry and explain how giving free haircuts to miners can be profitable.  Are there any other services that they could provide which would be equally profitable? Day 8 Read Chapters 9 & 10 (pages 96 - 109) 1.  Draw a comic strip of the highway men's attack on the stage.2.  Write it out as a skit, using script format. 3.  Act it out. Day 9 Read Chapter 11 (pages 110 - 124) Take Section 3 Quiz.Homework: Place vocabulary words in context and write their meanings. Day 10Read Chapters 12 & 13 (pages 125 - 145) Complete a vocabulary activity. Choose 1 character to complete a character map.  Use details from the book to complete the map.  (See the example)

  15. Lesson Implementation Day 11Read Chapters 14 & 15 (pages 146 - 159) Take Section 4 Quiz.Homework: Write a letter to Aunt Arabella about how you got the neckties.Day 12 Read Chapters 16 & 17 (pages 160 - 180) Complete Colorful Speech activity.Day 13 Read Chapters 18 (pages 181 - 193) Take Section 5 Quiz. Day 14 Final1. Retake the vocabulary test.2. Write a summary of the book.  Include information on the beginning, middle, and end.3. Watch the video and compare it to the book.  Write a 3 paragraph essay comparing the two.4. Write a character summary of either Praiseworthy or Jack.5. Take the Unit Test.

  16. What I Learned I understand the concept FTP, but it didn’t always work. I learned (a little late) that the web pages were repetitive. The same information occurred on many different pages, and I should have just cut and pasted the information once I typed on the Teacher index page. I also learned that each folder had a main page, the index page, for that folder.

  17. by Brenda Harney Roseville, CA

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