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4th Grade

4th Grade. 2013-14. Curriculum Presentation. SPECIALS Computer Lab M 8:50-9:35 Music T 8:50-9:35 PE W 10:40-11:30 Art Th 8:50-9:35 Library F 8:50-9:35

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4th Grade

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  1. 4th Grade 2013-14 Curriculum Presentation

  2. SPECIALS • Computer Lab M 8:50-9:35 • Music T 8:50-9:35 • PE W 10:40-11:30 • Art Th 8:50-9:35 • Library F 8:50-9:35 • Recess/Lunch M-F 11:30-12:10

  3. Phone: 480-541-5332 COMMUNICATION • Newsletter • Mail Pocket (Front Binder Pocket) • lperri@kyrene.org • Classroom Web Page • www.kyrene.org/lperri • Sierra Web Page • www.kyrene.org/sie

  4. HOMEWORK • 100+ minutes of reading weekly: • - Minutes recorded for each day of reading • - Weekend reading can be included • - Complete Independent Reading Log • Math practice 3-4 times per week • Word Study/Language 1-2 times per week • Projects: Book Celebrations, Science/Social • Studies Research 1-2 per quarter

  5. Parent’s Role in Homework • Review Assignment Calendarevery daywith your child. Read over the assignments. • Familiarize yourself with your child’s binder. • Provide a quiet work area with no clutter and no TV. • Go over completed work. If you see a mistake, ask your child to try again. • If your child struggles with an assignment, please let me know. • After School Programs

  6. Other Ways to Aid Learning • Read to and with your child • Play games • Trips to museums and Arizona landmarks • Give your child responsibilities • Limit TV and video games • Provide opportunity for outdoor play

  7. Pirate Code of Conduct Six Pillars of Character Respect Responsibility Caring Trustworthiness Fairness Citizenship

  8. Common Core Standards http://sw.kyrene.org/Page/732 http://www.azed.gov/standards-practices

  9. My goal is to help students make sense of mathematics and learn that they can be mathematical thinkers.

  10. Old-Style Math vs. The Newand ImprovedStyle • Students work individually, with partners, in small groups or as a whole class. • Considers the child’s reasoning and thought process that leads to the answer! • Students working alone • Focused on getting the right answer

  11. Answers recorded by writing down numbers. • Complete as many problems as quickly as possible. • Encourages children to explain their thinking orally, in writing, and by using pictures, diagrams, and models. • Thoughtfully working on a small number of problems during a class session that incorporate a variety of concepts.

  12. Hands-on, active, engaging, fun • Use more than one strategy to solve a problem and double-check. • Tedious and the dreaded red pen • Use a single formula or algorithm to solve a problem.

  13. Use only pencil and paper. • Allows students to use cubes, blocks, tiles, and measuring tools to help them solve problems in ways that make sense to them.

  14. Social Studies • Geography/Map Skills • Citizenship and Government • Arizona History • Economics

  15. SCIENCE Scientific Process • Making Observations • Asking Questions • Creating Hypothesis • Collecting Data • Drawing Conclusions

  16. Scientific Units of Study • Animal Classification/Survival Adaptations • Properties of Water/Water Cycle • Weather/Climate • Electricity/Magnetism

  17. Together we (parents & teacher), will work together to make this school year a positive and productive one for our students.

  18. Discover the knowledge! Yo! Ho!

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