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4th Grade Procedures

4th Grade Procedures. Give Me Five. Hand up. (STOP) Eyes on speaker. (LOOK) Zero noise level. (LISTEN) Body still and put hand down. (PAY ATTENTION) Follow directions. Before Morning Meeting Procedure. If eating breakfast, take your belongings and go there first.

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4th Grade Procedures

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  1. 4th Grade Procedures

  2. Give Me Five • Hand up. (STOP) • Eyes on speaker. (LOOK) • Zero noise level. (LISTEN) • Body still and put hand down. (PAY ATTENTION) • Follow directions.

  3. Before Morning Meeting Procedure • If eating breakfast, take your belongings and go there first. • When entering the gym, walk politely to designated area. Slide to the end of the line. No one wants you climbing over them. • Place your belongings at your feet. • Use your time to visit your neighbor, review work, or read. • Keep any recess items in your backpack. Electronics are not allowed at NJE.

  4. During Morning Meeting Procedure • Keep your eyes on the person who is speaking. • Show respect during the pledge by removing hats, hand over heart, and recite the words. • Participate in activities. • Give praise to others by clapping and smiling. • Sing the school song and think about the words.

  5. Morning Procedure • Greet your teacher, make eye contact, say Hello, and offer a good firm handshake. • Hang up backpack/coat on the hook and put all other supplies in their place. • Make lunch choice. • Bring your snack money to the leader. Be patient as the leader records your choice and makes change. • Go to your seat and gather everything you need for your first class. We switch at 7:50! • When you are ready, you are expected to work quietly on Accelerated Reading. • You should be at a level zero.

  6. Pencil Box Procedure • Only extra supplies such as pencils, crayons, and erasers may be in your art box. • No paper or trash allowed. • During instruction pencil boxes remained closed and in the back of your desk. • Your pencil box does not travel with you.

  7. Pencil Sharpening Procedure • Place pencil in the “need to be sharpened” container and get one out of the “sharpened” container. • Please help supply the class with more pencils if you are able. • The leader of the week is in charge of sharpening pencils at the end of the day with the electric sharpener. • You may use the hand-held sharpeners only when there are no pencils in the “sharpened” container.

  8. Lining Up Procedure • One-slide your chair back • Two-stand up • Three-push your chair in • Four-face the door • Five-Listen for your table to be called at level 0. (hands, feet, face, and space)

  9. Hallway Procedure • Leader in the front and will hold the door. • Zero noise level. • Keep hands down at your sides or holding your materials in front of you. • Walk on the Black Lines. • Stay on the right side of the hallway. • When you stop, stand about 6 inches/half block) behind the person in front of you. • Always watch where you are walking so you are prepared to stop.

  10. Bathroom Procedures • Zero noise level • Keep hands and feet to self. • Wash hands with soap. • Five students at a time. • Show respect for our school, the personal space of others, and the privacy of others. • Be green—don’t waste water or soap.

  11. Playground Procedures • Do not block slides by sitting at the top of the slide or at the bottom of the slide for an extended time. • Do not walk up slides or jump off of them. • Be very careful when moving on or around the playground equipment. • Leave rubber mulch where it is: on the ground. • Keep hands and feet to self. • Do not climb on the fence. • Do not hang upside down on equipment. • Think win-win in your games. • You can not go in any area outside of the view of your teacher.

  12. Organization Procedure • Agenda should be filled out after each class (not at the end of the day) and taken home each day to be signed. • All papers should be placed in the blue folder according to subject and taken home each day. • Have your parents look over your conduct chart and sign if you have a Work Alert. • AR book should be kept with you at all times. Only one book at a time. • Keep your desk neat and clean so you can find what you need.

  13. Dining Room Procedures • Noise Level 1 in line when you are waiting to enter the kitchen. • Remain at a 0 level when you are in the kitchen except when you say THANK YOU. • Hands, feet, face, and space in line. • Noise level 2 when seated. Keep conversations polite and appropriate. Conversations should remain within your table not across the lunchroom. • Get up only when given permission. • Stay seated until your teacher comes to get you. • Be very careful to put your fork or spoon in the container of water—not the trash can. • Stand in a straight line at a level 0 while waiting out in the hallway.

  14. Closing Time/Snack Time Procedure • Come in from Extensions and sit down politely. • Allow the leader or your teacher to bring you your order. Say thank you. • If you are eating snack, do so without talking as you complete your agenda and prepare to go home. • Clean up after yourself. • If you are not eating, make sure your agenda is completed and prepare to go home. • The leader of the week will lead the Plus/Delta activity.

  15. Asking a question • If you have a question or something to share with the class, please raise your hand quietly. • When I see your hand, I will call on you. Please do not make noises or wave your arms because this is distracting to others.

  16. When another student is talking • Everyone wants to be respected and heard. • Please remain at a 0 level and listen until our classmate has finished speaking. • We need to look at the person speaking. It is not a good listening habit if you are looking or playing in your desk when someone is trying to speak.

  17. Cleaning up • Remember there “is a place for everything and everything in its place.” • When you make a mess, just clean it up. Ask for help when you need help, and help someone else when you can. • Stop immediately and clean up the first time your teacher says “it’s clean-up time.” It is impolite to continue playing or working after you are asked to “clean-up”.

  18. Positive Habit Tickets • When you are caught using one of our 6 personal and social habits, you may be asked to complete a positive habit ticket. • Write your name on the back of the ticket and the number of the habit you were caught using. • Place your ticket in our bucket and tally the habit on your conduct chart. • Be sure to share with your parents that you received this reward.

  19. Conduct Charts • Your conduct chart is kept in the front pocket of your blue folder at all times. • Only a school employee is allowed to complete any negative behavior marks. • Parents must sign your chart when you receive a Work Alert. • You are allowed to mark your Positive Habit Ticket tallies. • Don’t cry or “beat yourself up” when you make a mistake and get a behavior mark. • Remember no child is “perfect”, but use the conduct chart as a learning tool to help you improve your use of the 7 habits of Highly Effective People.

  20. Bus Procedures (When the bus is moving) • Students are sitting in the seat, facing forward. • Feet in the floor and hands to self. • Use a level 2. • Backpacks are in the student’s lap and the aisle is clear. • A bus referral will be a conduct mark as well.

  21. Bus Procedures(When entering and exiting the bus) • Backpacks are securely attached to both shoulders. • Hands to self. • Use level 2. • Walk quietly up the aisle. • Use hand rails.

  22. Car Riding Procedures • Go straight to the gym and sit down politely with your class in your designated area. • Place your belongings at your feet. • Do not stop at the bathroom unless you have been given permission to do so. • Wait patiently and quietly for your name to be called. • Head to the door immediately when you hear your name.

  23. Leader Jobs & Recognition • Walk in the front of the line and hold the door. • Take care of the lunch choice and attendance. Move names back after you finish. • Pass out or collect papers when needed. • Sharpen pencils as needed but not during instruction. • Erase marker board. • File papers if needed. • Log on computers in the morning. • Shut down computers in the afternoon. • Turn off lights and close the door whenever we leave. • Take snack orders on clip board, collect money, and go get snacks. • Place any drinks and/or snacks in our box in the refrigerator. • Deliver the envelope to the office and other messages. • Answer the phone by saying, “This is Mrs. Matthews’s room; may I help you.” • Lead the plus/delta activity at the end of the day. • Help remember the Friday reflection sheet at 2:10. • Be a good example of a leader for your classmates. • Look for drops in the bucket to give to children in our room that are using the habits. • Special Recognitions—On Monday, bring your “Share Box”. On Tuesday, Share and/or read your favorite book. On Wednesday, Bring in the letter or poem that your parent wrote about you to share. On Thursday, invite someone to eat lunch with you. On Friday, receive your certificate for all of your hard work and effort.

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