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  1. Results4th Call for ProjectsNeuroPrion2010 Salzburg Founders With the support of

  2. Selection process 46 22 10

  3. Selected Projects UltraMab High affinity anti-PrP monoclonal antibodies from PrP-negative hybridomas Investigators: Adriano Aguzzi, Paolo Dametto, Simone Hornemann (University Hospital of Zürich, Switzerland)

  4. Selected Projects CJD-diagnostic Detection of PrPTSE surface-bound aggregates by Fluorescence Intensity Distribution Analysis Investigator: Dr. Eva Birkmann (Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Germany )

  5. Selected Projects SMAD-Prion Statistical methodology for assessing prion decontamination procedures Investigator: Pierre-Yves Boëlle (Paris VI University, France)

  6. Selected Projects RAP-Experimental Treatment Experimental treatment of TSE-infected cell cultures and sCJD-infected HuTg mice with RAP, a protein folding chaperone Investigators: DrLarisa Cervenakova, Elena Semenova, Oksana Yakovleva, Carroll McKenzie (American Red Cross, Rockville, USA)

  7. Selected Projects CSF Real-time QuiC Development and evaluation of a diagnostic test for sporadic and variant CJD based on detection of PrPTSE in the cerebrospinal fluid using real-time QuiC analysis Investigators: Dr Alison Green, Dr Lynne McGuire, Dr Mark Head, Pr Robert Will, Pr Richard Knight (NCJDSU, Edinburgh, UK)

  8. Selected Projects Sheep BSE In vitro model of risk to humans if the molecular signature of BSE in sheep during serial PMCA becomes indistinguishable from scrapie’ but retains its human pathogenicity Investigators: Dr Mark Head, (NCJDSU, Edinburgh,UK) Dr Lorenzo González, (VLA Lasswade, UK) Dr Michael Jones, (SNBTS, UK)

  9. Selected Projects Surf-PMCA Use of contaminated metal wires as PMCA templates for the evaluation of priondecontamination procedures. Investigators: Pr Sylvain Lehmann, Dr Carole Crozet(CNRS Montpellier, France) Dr Joliette Coste, Dr Daisy Bougard (EFS PM, France), Dr Hubert Laude, Vincent Béringue (INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France)

  10. Selected Projects TransGlutam Transglutaminase – a facilitating enzyme common to the protein misfolding family? Investigators: Dr Cindy S. Orser, (iPDx Biosciences, Boulder, USA) Pr Herbert Budka (Medical University, Vienna, Austria)

  11. Selected Projects PrPdetection Detection of prions in biological fluids and tissues using Thienyl Pyrimidine compounds (enhanced PK resistance of PrPTSE) Investigator: Dr Véronique PERRIER ( INSERM, Montpellier University,France)

  12. Selected Projects Nanoparticle prion capture Magnetic nanoparticle capture/removal of PrPTSE from blood followed by PMCA detection Investigators: Surachai Supattapone, Michael Miller (Dartmouth Medical School, USA)