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Founders Team

Founders Team

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Founders Team

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  1. Founders Team Co-Founder : Mr. Yadhunandan S H B E in E & C Engineering Working as Full stack Java Developer. Founder : Mr. Janardhan Reddy N B E in Mechanical Engineering, Working as Area manager for a OTR tires company. Family Business is civil contractors and Construction Equipment’s rental suppliers

  2. Pain Point Addressing • Construction company’s undergoing difficulties in finding the right service providers. • Huge gap between demand and supply of Equipment's and tools. • Brokers and frauds causing losses to the supplier. • Knowledge of Availability of equipment's and service providers nearest to the work location. • Transportation of equipment's may increase unnecessary cost of project. • High initial investment required to buy new equipment's . • Arrangement of human resource for operation and maintenances are of high risks. • Equipment breakdowns affecting the productivity. • Choosing of right equipment for the particular job . • Improper data records about the work done. • Huge un employment problems, Lack of skill in human resource.

  3. Value proposition • Bridges the Gap between the Consumer and Supplier with Efficient Technology. • Increase in revenues by having access to global Markets. • Access to information on competitive market trends. • Access to network of suppliers offerings locally or for desired locations. • Ease of evaluation and transactions. • Creates huge employment opportunities.

  4. Solution • A better inter linking online platform market place to find the tools and equipment rental services. • Direct business opportunity with removal of brokerage and fraud. • A big boost for the SME (small & medium enterprise) Service providers. • Fills the major gap between vendors and customers through one platform. • Construction equipment's and tools, rentals and services at cost effective prices. • Supply for the adequate requirements of customers are undergone efficiently. • Detailed description ,related pictures, locations of equipment and tools are listed in our portal. • Tools and Equipment's are outsourced so that repair, maintenances does not affect productivity. • To avoid costly transportation locally available equipment's are Suggested . • Low capital as compared to purchase new equipment. • Equipment awareness and usage are guided by our expert team. • Employment opportunity by Referring to Skill development programs and job opportunities from our customer base.

  5. Future Business Expansion • After reaching our portal efficiently in the market , market requirements and demands are analyzed . We start our own tools and equipment rental and service providing company and provide the service based on the market requirements. • Rentals and Sub contract works are carried. • Real time data ,Total records of work/service undergone from our Company are updated in our Online portal. • Institutes for skill development programs in the sector of infra development are setup and job opportunities are provided in our company and also with our vast customer base.

  6. Revenue streams • Premium subscriptions. • Percentage on Client sales. • Advertisements.

  7. Our ability to build this venture • We are basically from construction equipment and civil contractors family background the problems faced by the construction industry is keenly observed by us and we have been researching against this issue from past 3 years to find a solution to solve these problems. • After continuous research we found an asset light model to develop this online portal which helps customers to find and rent the equipment at their budget at the same time it helps local vendors to increase their business opportunities. • Founder from contractor background good experience in tools and equipment rental business. • Co- Founder from software background can build an efficient software solution.

  8. Seeking from NSRCEL • As we are new to the market we have less knowledge in execution of an idea into a running model. we need an incubation, mentoring and acceleration support which helps us to build a enterprise product.

  9. Progress with the idea • In the stage of a building a prototype.

  10. Thank You