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The founders

The founders

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The founders

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  1. Highcon: game changer in the packaging marketHighcon transforms conventional packaging production from analog to digital This document contains confidential information. Nothing herein may be copied, reproduced or distributed or disclosed to any third party in any manner, without prior written authorization from Highcon systems ltd.

  2. The founders Aviv Ratzman - CEO & Co-Founder 18 years in the printing industry (Indigo/HP) in several production, engineering & R&D roles, most recently Press Program Manager Michael Zimmer – COO & Co-Founder 15 years in the printing industry (Indigo/HP) in several R&D & engineering roles, most recently Strategic Accounts - Customized Solutions Program Manager

  3. The Move to Digital Digital Analogue 100% Prepress full market penetration ~10% Printing 20% annual growth Post-print Highcon leading the digital revolution CONFIDENTIAL

  4. Advisory Board Benny Landa - Chairman of Advisory Board, Founder & CEO, Landa Corporation Pioneer of digital printing and founder of Indigo (acquired by HP in 2002), now at Landa Corporation pioneering futuristic nanotechnology applications. His vision includes investment in promising Israeli technologies through Landa Ventures. With over 700 patents worldwide, Benny is the printing industry's and Israel's most prolific inventor. Zev Weiss - Co-CEO, American Greetings CEO since June 2003. He also serves on the company’s Board of Directors. Prior to becoming CEO, Zev was Executive Vice President, AG Ventures and Enterprise Management. He played an important role in helping oversee the company’s restructuring effort and in developing a new strategic vision for the company. Zev joined American Greetings in 1992 as a sales representative and held several leadership positions within the sales organization.    Mike Ferrari - Founder and President of Ferrari Innovation Solutions, LLC. Mike completed a successful career as a Global R&D Packaging Director with 32 years at Procter & Gamble, delivering many initiatives to the marketplace. He is winner of the prestigious 2009 and 2010 DuPont Packaging Innovation Award. CONFIDENTIAL

  5. Highcon - OurCrowd This document contains confidential information. Nothing herein may be copied, reproduced or distributed or disclosed to any third party in any manner, without prior written authorization from Highcon systems ltd.

  6. OurCrowd introduction to our BOD -November 2013 VC specialized in rising money through the Internet, from existing database of investors Average investment is one million dollar. This year they closed ~40 deals Their database includes 3000+ invertors Expected investment round in Highcon $1m-$1.5m The plan is to launch the process through the Internet on Thursday November the 21st and close it, not later then the 2nd week of January.

  7. Rapid Process to Close Investment 6 November 2013 - first meeting 11 November 2013 - second meeting One week later, terms concluded: price, expected amount 21 November – first Internet presentation to investors 3 December – second Internet presentation to investors, with participation of Benny Landa December 12 – Aviv, CEO, joined investors meeting in USA December 25 – meeting with investors at company, one week later, meeting with investors in Jerusalem 20 January 2014 – investment concluded, money received

  8. Discussion Points Within the Company Towards Investment • Who are the investors in front of the company • The company didn’t want to manage small investors. The fact that we were working with one investor was critical to the decision to work with the fund • Exposure of company confidential material – how to prevent leaks by presenting to a wide audience over the network • An NDA was signed with OurCrowdwho have confidentiality agreements with their investors. The company believed that information on the web was public so, as agreed with the fund, we only posted essential information without exposing confidential data • What would be the risk failing to raise money • OurCrowd make no upfront guarantees of the sum to be raised, unlike conventional fundraising where the sum is fixed upfront

  9. Discussion Points Within the Company Towards Investment (contd.) • The recruitment process is public – webinars, roadshow and meetings with many investors • Requires exposure to many investors, over time, unlike conventional fundraising • The requirement for regular reports, after investment, to a wide group of investors will mean exposure of internal information • The report formats, checked by the company, were found to be suitable without having to reveal information we didn’t want to reveal • Cost-effectiveness • The amount raised is smaller than usual for a company like Highcon. Also, there is a feeling of “what will people say”. At the time we raised the funds the changing trends encouraged our decision to proceed with OurCrowd

  10. OurCrowd - Advantages • The exposure to a wide group of investors, especially in the USA, can benefit the company business in many ways – customers, distributors, investors • The process gave us wide exposure in the USA, and as a result we made connections which could develop over time to further investments, strategic partnerships and networking • Rapid fundraising compared to traditional processes with funds • No traditional VC can compete with the agility and flexibility we found in OurCrowd • A good shareholder with potential for future investment • We got the impression of good investors who would be vested in the success of the company

  11. OurCrowd– Advantages (contd.) • Crowdfunding combines the professionalism of a large VC with the agility of a small investor • Capable of assisting the company with their contacts and knowledge • An extensive network of contacts who helped the company promote a strategic investment in parallel with the OurCrowd investment • The process with the fund was managed in parallel with a strategic relationship which occurred with one of the largest companies in the field in the USA. Due to the double relationship it was easy for the investor to make the decision to invest in Highcon. A move of strategic importance for the company