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  1. SLOW PITCH Softball Basic Rules Of Coed

  2. The Batter • Cannot bunt the ball • Cannot throw the bat. (out) • On deck batter must be at least 10 feet away from the batter. • Cannot walk if the pitcher hits you with the ball • Must hit the ball to get on base. • Must hit in boy girl order.

  3. The Runner or Baserunner • Cannot lead off the base before the ball is hit. Can leave when the ball is hit or the ball passes home plate-or is played on. • Cannot slide on 1st base. • Can take one base on any overthrow that goes out of play • Cannot overrun past second or third base—only 1st and home. • Must touch each base while running. • Cannot run out of the baseline to avoid a tag. • Must tag the base on all fly balls that are caught. • Is out if hit by a batted ball while off base or while running to a base.

  4. The Fielders • Cannot stand in the baseline, or block a base runner—unless the fielder has the ball. • Must tag the runner on all unforced plays • Make all the calls and are never wrong. • Must NEVER stand on the base while the ball is being pitched • As a pitcher, you must arch the ball at least 6 feet high. The batter can still hit the pitch if they want.

  5. Safety • Do not stand next to the batter—at least 10 feet behind. • Do not throw your bat. • Do not slide on first base. • Use your mitt to protect yourself. • Do not be the pitcher if you are afraid of the ball.

  6. Other Info • 10 members on a slow pitch team—The extra player is called a Rover—can roam around the field where ever. • Getting two outs on one hit is called a double play. Three outs is called a triple play. • A foul ball can bounce in bounds, but goes out before a fielder can touch it—between home and third/first. • An inning consists of 3 outs from each team.

  7. Review • How many players are on an official slow pitch team? • What bases can you overrun? • What is it called when you get two outs during one play? • Can the runner steal a base? • Can the batter throw their bat? • How high does the arch (rainbow) need to be when you pitch it? • Do you have to tag a runner if it is a force play?

  8. What is a foul ball? • What is a force out? • What is an inning? • What does the runner have to do until the batter hits the ball? • What is an Unforced out? • What are at least two safety rules? • Describe a play situation that you use as a player on defense that you should share with your teammates before the batter gets up to hit. • What is your homework tonight?

  9. Have Fun!