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to my class

to my class

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to my class

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  1. to my class Zhanghe Middleschool Yang Yongguang

  2. CHU SAN YING YU ZONG FU XI 初三英语总复习 NOUN. 复习策略 要点、考点聚焦 典型考题解析 课时训练 名 词

  3. CHU SAN YING YU ZONG FU XI 初三英语总复习 NOUN. 熟记已学过的名词;     掌握常用名词的数的变化;     掌握名词所有格的构成及其变化; 掌握可数名词与不可数名词的区别及用法。中考考查形式:选择题、单词拼写及选词填空题、完成句子   复习策略

  4. CHU SAN YING YU ZONG FU XI 初三英语总复习 NOUN. 可数名词 名词的数 不可数名词 名词的所有格 名词的变化

  5. NOUN. 找规律 要点考点聚焦 flower flowers factory-factories watch es box es leaf -- leaves

  6. NOUN. 找规律 要点考点聚焦 potatoes heroes tomatoes

  7. 找规律 NOUN. photos radios zoos pianos

  8. NOUN. 不规则变化 child--children man--men woman--women goose--geese deer sheep

  9. NOUN. 与众不同

  10. NOUN. 不可数名词 a glass oforange a bottle ofjuice two boxes ofmilk

  11. 看例题识所有格 NOUN. 1. Beijing is the capital of China. Beijing is China’s capital. 2. This is Mary and her sister’s bedroom. Bob and Lucy’s sister is a nurse. ……的 3. These are Tom’s and Lily’s bags. 4. She is the two boys’ mother. 5. the door of the room the leaves of the tree 6. the girl’s name=the name of the girl 7. He is a friend of my brother’s.

  12. friend friendly love lovely cloud sun wind rain health care help colour wood---wooden wool---woolen care China---Chinese Japan---Japanese Australia---Australian hope 看我“七十二变” NOUN. 常具有赞美的意味 ful y ous danger 表示充满……的 具有……的性质 less 形容词 没有……的

  13. 指点迷津 NOUN. is • Ten years ______(is ,are) short time for me. • A pair of shoes ______(is, are) under the bed. • The number of the students in our school _____(is ,are) 2,000. • The woman with two children ______( is ,are ) coming here. • Neither he nor I _____(are, am ) an American. is is is am

  14. 指点迷津 NOUN. is 6. Maths ______(are, is ) hard to learn for the boy. 7. They are all _______________( woman, teachers ; women teachers). 8. The population of China _______(are, is ) over 1,300,000,000. 9. There are many ______(peoples,people )in the street in summer. 10. One of the students ______(have, has) gone to Shanghai. women teachers is people has

  15. 典型例题解析 NOUN. 1.Several _____ are talking  under the tree.And they are______. A.woman;children B.woman;child C.women;children 2.—How far is your school from here? —Not very far.It's about twenty walk.(2000杭州) A.minute's  B.minutes  C.minutes'  3. There are three in my family. (2004长春) A.people B. person C. child 4. Most students can go to college for further in our city. A. education B. information 5. This is bedroom. The twin sister like it very much. A. Ann and Jane B. Ann and Jane’s C.Ann’s and Jane’s C C A A B

  16. NOUN. 典型例题解析 The Browns is going to visit China. ( ) The Browns are going to visit China. () The young is dancing there. ( ) The young are dancing there. ( ) Physics are very difficult to learn. ( ) Physics is very difficult to learn. ( ) We have five Germen in this meeting. ( ) We have five Germans in this meeting. ( ) This is one of the English-Chinese dictionary. ( ) This is one of the English-Chinese dictionaries.( ) Ⅹ √ Ⅹ √ Ⅹ √ Ⅹ √ Ⅹ √

  17. 课时训练 NOUN. 选择填空: () 1. Please give me ______ paper.  A. one B. a piece C. a D. a piece of ( ) 2. This table is made of_______. A. many glass B. some glasses C. glasses D. glass ( ) 3.Bill runs fast. He won the  _____ 800 metre race yesterday. A.boys B.boys’ C.boy D.boy‘s . ( ) 4. Some ______ came to our school for a visit that day. A. Germans B. Germen C. Germany D. Germanies ( ) 5. In the picture there are many______ and two_______.  A. sheeps; foxes B. sheeps; foxes C. sheep; foxes D. sheep;foxs D D B A C

  18. ( ) 6. This is not my cap, but my _______. A. brothers B. brother’s C. brothers’ D. brother ( )7.They write most of their_______ in English. A. business letter B. business letters C. businesses D. businesses letters ( ) 8. _____are____for cutting things. A. Knife, used B. Knives, using C. Knife, using D. Knives, used () 9. John bought_____for himself yesterday. A. two pairs of shoes B. two pair of shoe  C. two pair of shoes D. two pairs shoes ( ) 10.Excuse me, where is the______? A. men's room B. mens' room C. men's rooms D. men rooms  B NOUN. B D A A

  19. NOUN. 根据所给单词的正确形式填空: 1. Different people may have different _____. (idea) 2. I often go to work on. (foot) 3. I know one of the. (boy) 4. Mr. Brown is wearing a pair of. (glass) 5. Please give them their . (photo) 6. Are there anyin the box? (watch) 7. There are twelvein a year. (month) 8. Would you like some? (tomato) 9. Look at thosein the boats! (people) 10. Look! Theare singing. (woman) 11. September 10th isDay. (teacher) 12. Jim has some. (knife) 13. How much are these? (vegetable) 14. My school is twenty ________ walk from here. (minute) 15. The girl under the tree is a friend of________. (Lucy) ideas foot boys glasses photos watches months tomatoes people women Teachers’ knives vegetables minutes’ Lucy’s

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