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to my class

to my class

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to my class

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  1. to my class

  2. Chapter oneReadingWhat is the name of each sport? Write the names below the pictures football badminton table tennis

  3. rugby tennis hockey basketball volleyball swimming

  4. Look and Think 1.写信的格式: (1)信内一般会写上寄信人的地址。在写地址的时候,要注意从小写到大。 (2)写信日期与中文不同,中文信一般结尾写日期,而英文信的日期一般写在寄信人地址下。 (3)英文信中常用Dear作为问候语,如无法分辨男女,则用Dear Sir/Madam,如果是朋友,直接在Dear后面加名字,如:Dear Simon (4)信的正文往往占据了很大篇幅,一般信的开始要问候,说明写信的用意,信的结尾要祝福收信人,并期待收到对方的回信。 (5)结尾要写上敬语,如:yours sincerely(比较正式,庄重) yours love(比较随意,用于亲人朋友之间)、Yours等 (6)信的末端还要签名。

  5. 寄信人地址写信日期 • 问候语(Dear…) ________________________________ ________________________________ _____________正文 _______________ ________________________________ 敬语 签名

  6. New Words hockey (n.): 曲棍球 [联想] pitch 球场 title (n.):标题 top-right (adj):右上方的 At the top-right corner: 在右上角 signature (n.):签名,署名 rugby (n.):橄榄球(英式) take a look at =have a look at :看一看 greetings (n.) 问候语 pen—friend 笔友 at the end : 在结尾的

  7. A letter from a pen-friend Middle Street 中街 Walker 沃尔克郡 Newcastle upon Tyne 纽卡斯尔 NE6 4BY(postal code) England(英国)

  8. Britan 是一个位于欧洲西部的岛国.由大不列颠岛(包括英格兰,苏格兰,威尔士)爱尔兰东北部和一些小岛组成.行政区划分为:爱尔兰,威尔士,苏格兰和北爱尔兰四部分.英国首都为London. • The island of Great Britain during pre-Roman, Roman, and early Anglo-Saxon times before the reign of Alfred the Great (871-899). The name is derived from Brittania, which the Romans used for the portion of the island that they occupied. • 不列颠(英格兰, 威尔士和苏格兰的总称); 英国 • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland : • 在前罗马、罗马以及艾弗烈大帝统治(871-899年)前的早期盎格鲁-撒克逊人统治时期的大不列颠岛。名字来源于《布列塔尼亚》 ,罗马人用它来指他们占领的那部分岛屿

  9. Newcastle 是英格兰东北部的地区首府,也是一个极富活力的大学城,自19世纪以来就被誉为“活力之城” • Newcastle upon Tyne [tºn] A borough of northeast England on the Tyne River north of Leeds. Built on the site of a Roman military station, it became a coal-shipping port in the 13th century and was the principal center for coal exports after the 16th century. Its prominence in the trade gave rise to the expressionto carry coals to Newcastle, meaning “to do something superfluous or unnecessary.” Population, 285,300. • Newcastle upon Tyne [tºn] 纽卡斯尔:英格兰东北部自治区,位于利兹以北泰恩河畔。建于罗马军事站的地点,13世纪它成为一个煤炭出口港口,16世纪以后成为主要的煤炭出口中心。它在贸易中的杰出地位引出这样一句话 to carry coal to Newcastle(送煤给纽卡斯尔) 意思是“多此一举。”人口285,300

  10. New words 1.pen-friend(n.) someone you write letters to, as a hobby 笔友 2.Walker(n.)地名 沃尔克郡 3.magazine(n.) a large,thin book with pictures, usually published once a week or a month 杂志 e.g. How often does this magazine come out? 4.foot(n.) a measure of length 英尺 feet(复数) 1英尺=12英寸(inch) 3英尺=1码(yard) 5.hobby(n.)an interest or activity such as collecting stamps or making models 业余爱好 6.chess(n.)  国际象棋  play chess

  11. 7.own v. have sth that is yours. 拥有 e.g. We don’t own that video.We just rent it. 8.architect n. a person who plans and designs a building. 建筑师 9.form n. a type of sth. 形式,种类 10. keen adj. very interested in sth; wanting to do sth 热心的,渴望的 11.physics n. 物理学 12.ambition n. wish or goal 雄心,抱负 13.enclose v. put sth inside a letter 随信附上 14.postal adj. of the post 邮政的,邮编的 15.code n. a way of writing t secret messages,using letters,numbers or special signs 密码,编码 16. deliver v. take sth to the place where it must go 递送,速递

  12. Phrases 1.a letter from a pen-friend 2.Newcastle upon Tyne 3.would like to do sth 4.tell sb. something about… 5.About five feet tall 6.enjoy doing sth chess with 9.have never been there 10.own a Chinese restaurant born 12.speak Chinese

  13. 13.a brother called Edwin as… 15.Form One 16. walk to school 17. sports fields 18. be keen on 19. a photo of myself the middle wishes 22.Write to sb

  14. Page4words and phrases • 1.meaning n.意义 • 2.look up 查找 • well 也 • 4.punch n. a kind of drink made from wine,fruit juice,soda or water 潘趣酒 • 5.all in very tired 疲劳的 • 6.trainer n. gym shoes 运动鞋 • 7.idle adj. not busy; free 空闲的 • 8.speech n. a talk that give you to a group of people 演说 • 9.terribly adv. Very 十分,极 • 10.hurt v. 弄疼,伤害 • 11.inaudible adj. impossible to hear 听不见的

  15. 12.tidy v.整理 • 13.boring adj. uninteresting and tiresome;dull 令人厌烦的

  16. Page 5,6new words and phrases • 1.machine n. 机器 • n. 工程师 • 3.actually adv. 实际上 • 4.full name 全名 • 5.less than 少于 • 6.inch n. a measure of length 英寸 • 7.not…at all 根本不 • 8.geography n. the study of the earth and its countries ,mountains, rivers weather ,etc 地理

  17. 9.probably adv. almost certainly 大概,或许 • 10.meal that you eat at a certain time of the day 一餐 e.g.Breakfast is the first meal of the day. • n. 大学 • 12.leave school graduate 毕业 e.g.What job do you want to do when you leave school?