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July 2013 PowerPoint Presentation

July 2013

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July 2013

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  1. July 2013 Charter Oak Hills Meeting Times and Place Notes Working Projects When: Sept. 23, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. (Community) Where: Woodcrest Baptist Church Meet the first “Yard of the Month” Winner: Doneva Fulkerson & Ben Owens • Building a volunteer base. Working Pre Upcoming Meeting Dates Treasury Reports 2013 Executive meetings are the 3rd Monday of every month. For more information on the location please contact a board member. Special Meeting: Nothing Scheduled Don't forget 2013 HOA dues were due on March 1st if you have not mailed your payment please do so ASAP with a $25 late fee! Please mail to PO Box 127 Guthrie ok 73044. Please look on the website for the balance sheet of the first quarter financials. If you have any questions please email Committee Reports Neighborhood Watch: We are up and going. We have a good volunteer base but we are always looking for more. Committee Chair: Mike O’Neill Beautification: Please remember we will be doing a yard of the month. Winner’s will be featured on our webpage and newsletter. Committee Chair: Janice O’Neill Welcoming: We are going strong we have new neighbors in our community and we expect many more. Committee Chair: Edwin Trebels Events: If you have an idea for an event please contact Mandy and let her know. Committee Chair: Mandy Honea 405-627-1165 Construction: As a friendly reminder if you are planning on building anything please let the board know. Committee Chair: Members of the Board Issues to be discussed Nothing to report. Doneva is originally from Oklahoma and has been living here in the neighborhood for four months. A tip she gives for gardening is “to always start with good soil”. Her favorite plants are crape myrtles, roses of sharon, and periwinkles. Doneva’s hope for decorating her yard is that it will encourage those around her to do the same. HOA Board Contacts Pres. Grant Bradley 405.833.8420 Vice Pres. Therin Miller 405.301.0188 Sec. Karen Humphries 405.414.4406 Treas. Keygan Peterson 405.409.8717 Grievance Manager Janice O'Neill 405.293.9099 Trustee Dave Hooper 405.757.8300 Trustee Please remember that all Grievances need to go through Janice O’Neill that e-mail is For any other correspondence with the board please e-mail us at Dues & Donations If you would like to make a donation you can make checks payable to Charter Oak Hills HOA. Homeowner dues for the 2013 year were due on 01 March 2013. All payments after that date will be considered late. Please remember there is a $25 fee added on to your dues after the 01 March 2013. Please contact the board we will work with you. News Please don’t forget to check out the webpage and facebook for the most current news and updates. Thank you.

  2. May 2013 Charter Oak Hills Notes Continued….. • Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. —Henry Ford • Covenants Reminders: • There are a few commonly violated covenants that we see that need to be corrected. • Please remember that you cannot park on the road for any long periods of time (ie, Over night or weekends) • There in no parking vehicles in your yard they must be parked in the drive-way. • Please keep your property in a presentable condition ( ie. Mow the Lawn, Trash picked up) • We would like to ask everyone to look over the Covenants and correct any violations that you may have. We are understanding and looking forward to working with you. • Our time has seemed short as a board and we have come a LONG way since we took control. We still have a ways to go but with community involvement we will get there. We are only in the second quarter but we are looking forward. Elections for a new board will be in September, this will give a whole quarter ( October – December) for the incoming board to sit with the existing board and learn how to conduct business and so on. The positions available will be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Committee Heads. If you want to run please turn your name into the board by 16 August 2013. • There are a few rules for running: • You can walk the community and pass out flyers but you are not allowed to leave them in Mailboxes. • You can not put yard signs up anywhere in the community. • These are non-political party positions therefore there is no Mud slinging, Debating or Campaigning. • The Committee head elections will be less formal and on a more volunteer basis. Please get involved in the committee that you would like to be involved in and learn how they conduct business. Working Pre