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July 2013 PowerPoint Presentation

July 2013

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July 2013

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  1. July 2013 District Director Webinar State Leadership Conferences Shelly Trent, SPHR SHRM Field Services Director

  2. Today’s Topics District Director Webinar Overview of State Leadership Conference components Online tools for planning Discussion of your successful practices and challenges

  3. Components of a State Leadership Conference District Director Webinar Intro to SHRM and SHRM volunteering (VLRC, CFSP, Membership Recruitment/Retention, etc.) Keep in mind that some of the newer volunteers know very little about SHRM, the volunteer structure, their role or duties, so be sure to make it “entry-level” and don’t assume that participants know what you know Be sure to invite your SHRM Field Services Director, and allow him/her to provide an orientation presentation for at least an hour Cover SHAPE planning and reporting Allow time for similar functions (e.g., groups of treasurers, program chairs) to meet for sessions on finance, membership, CLAs, etc. Allow time for chapters to meet separately to turn what they learned into a plan Offer programs on topics such as succession planning, strategic planning, programs, community relations, etc.

  4. Components of a State Leadership Conference District Director Webinar Consider using pre-recorded SHRM webinars as sessions Henry Hart, J.D., SHRM General Counsel, discusses legal issues. Mary Mohney, CPA, SHRM Chief Financial Officer, discusses financial and tax issues to guarantee compliance. Amy Thompson, SHRM Vice President of Public Affairs, provides information on working with the media. Consider surveying potential attendees about topics they want to hear Be sure to invite as many board members as is feasible. Not all presidents take back the information learned to their entire board. CAUTION! Do NOT assume that attendees want HR-related content that counts for HRCI credit. It should be a volunteer leader conference to train NEW volunteers. Repeat attendees should not have the same influence over programming as the new volunteers.

  5. Lessons from State Leadership Conferences District Director Webinar Here is some feedback heard from many new volunteers over the years: Spend more time on orientation (SHRM, the volunteer structure, volunteer roles, SHAPE, VLRC, etc.); usually the SHRM staff delivering the SHRM Resources presentation is given 15-45 minutes, and ideally it should be 1.5 hours so there’s time for Q&A Don’t assume everyone has already heard the orientation or knows all the acronyms and terms (CFSP, LMOs, at-large, SHAPE) Rather than spend over half the agenda on HR topics so we can get credit, teach us how to be SHRM volunteers If you want us to get credits, how about spending time on the legislative process and how we can get our members to write letters Remember that some volunteers don’t even know what a state council IS; where do the volunteers fit with the council?

  6. Online Tools for State Leadership Conferences District Director Webinar VLRC > Resources for State Councils > Toolkits > State Leadership Conference Toolkit Sections of planning toolkit: Objective | Planning | Committee | Venue Selection Selecting Topics/Programming | Speaker Selection | Conference Evaluation Ask other state councils for sample agendas Best Practices in Planning your Leadership Conference is a 60-minute recorded webinar in the VLRC Online list of suggested topics (that volunteers have requested):

  7. District Director Webinar July 2013 Questions / Open Discussion / Issues & Challenges Shelly Trent, SPHR SHRM Field Services Director