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July 2013 PowerPoint Presentation

July 2013

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July 2013

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  1. National study revealshidden pre-enrollment servicebreakdowns that are costingcolleges potential enrollments July 2013

  2. Great news

  3. Not sogreat news

  4. Terrific opportunity

  5. Pre-EnrollmentService


  7. Great customer service: Do Competitive advantage You will negate perceived strengths in other areas Don’t

  8. Let’s meet Kayla. She’s going to pop in and out of our story today.

  9. Here’s Mom and Dad. They’realong for the ride.

  10. Overall Satisfaction Colleges Banks Hotels Wireless Colleges USPS Utilities Dept Stores

  11. False Assumption #1: “Our pre-enrollment service is fine.” Fact: Over 70% of colleges over-estimate their level of pre-enrollment service delivery.

  12. Influenced by pre-enrollment service 53%

  13. “Based on the University’s service alone I chose not to attend.” “The time and effort put into recruiting our child was very impressive.” “I put the college, which I had not heard of before, at the top of my list.” “Very positive impact. Much more student centered then others.” “Each experience made us more comfortable and satisfied with our decision to attend.” QUOTES

  14. 55% Question college’s commitment to providing high level of service.

  15. We • Add • Stress

  16. How? Slow to offer/reject admission Poor communication Burdensome processes Unresponsive admissions reps Not being honest/accurate Bad organization

  17. How We • Relieve • Stress Good communication Help in planning Well executed tour Responsive reps Easy application Sincere interest Prompt decision

  18. Cause ForImmediate • Rejection Facilities, dorms, grounds in disrepair Rude, unfriendly students Uncaring admissions reps Inept tour guide Disinterest in us/our child Disorganized visit experience

  19. Aid! “… make sense of a very confusing process.” “… be honest.” “… how can I afford it?” “… provide deadline reminders.” “… be upfront.” “… provide workshops to help us understand!!!” “… tell us how to manage our money so we can afford college when it comes.”

  20. Did your most recent experience have any influence over your enthusiasm for attending? 3 in 10say yes.

  21. How would you characterize your most recent experience with the college? 58%

  22. Was there a specific, isolated experience with the college that was pivotal in your decision to attend or not attend? 3 in 10say yes.

  23. False Assumption #2: “We really don't get many complaints about our pre-enrollment service, so we must not have a problem.” Fact: Many students and parents do not explicitly complain, even though they have legitimate complaints. They don’t know where to complain.

  24. 1 in 10 experience problems

  25. Was there a point when you felt that the college had taken a personal interest in you?

  26. At the beginning of your college selection experience, did you view the college as having a unique reputation or brand identity?

  27. Did your view of the college’s reputation or brand identity change as a result of the interactions you had with them during the college selection process?

  28. False Assumption #3: “We have initiatives that are a higher priority than measuring pre-enrollment service delivery.” Fact: Colleges that give pre-enrollment service delivery the highest priority are more successful than those that don’t.

  29. CASE In Point

  30. Opportunity? Differentiation!

  31. The Road Ahead

  32. First, find your number. 7.3 8.2 6.4

  33. Make it personal … attentiveto the feelings of students and parents

  34. It starts here

  35. Security gets involved

  36. Walk in their shoes