violence in the media n.
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Violence In the Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Violence In the Media

Violence In the Media

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Violence In the Media

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  1. Violence In the Media `1

  2. Don’t let Media take over your life • When "entertainment" violence is marketed to children – as it is every day through television, video games, movies, music, toys and other media -- it is neither innocuous nor harmless. Kids parent should know that the things people see on TV is not real and violence can never solve problems.

  3. Violent video Games • Recent research has shown that connections between children playing violent video games can cause later aggressive behavioral problems. Video games like grand theft auto who promote every negative thing glamorizes drugs and shooting fighting and other violent acts.

  4. Violence in the against Women • This is a big problem young kids see on TV that women are objectified treated badly and even abused. That can make a young child believe that’s how you treat a lady and its not. Movies like The color purple what's love got to do with it show women as an object who's beaten. That’s not a good look.

  5. It effects children • Thinking how they interact. • Aggression This is the real world and there is consequences for violence.

  6. It doesn’t effect kids Most kids are smart and they don’t live their life's through the media. They listen to their parents. Sometimes video games teach them skills and interaction with kids.

  7. My opinion • Don’t let the media and things you see on tv run your life most of it is not real. Have enough since kids to not follow what you see on tv and video games. But it starts with the parents to instill morals and values into their kids instead of the media creating a violent child.